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Somehow I missed this yesterday.  I have not heard that Bloomberg’s Astroturf and Mommies were collecting signatures. They have gone stealth mode.

Ladies and Gents, warfare has been officially declared.

Join and donate to the NRA and your State organization. And please, keep your “I don’t like the NRA because no free shit-Junk Mail-Not Hardcore” to yourselves, OK?

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
Benjamin Franklin.

UPDATE: They have been collecting firms since June.  Now let’s forget the who was responsible for not paying attention because in one way or another everybody is guilty of that. The question is: Where else have they been doing this?

Time to start contacting our state organizations.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

34 thoughts on “Nevada just got pre-nailed by Bloomberg. UPDATE”
  1. US Census QuickFacts site lists Nevada 2013 population estimate at about 2.8 million. Doesn’t a signature count of almost 10% of the population seem a tad high?

      1. I hate sounding so fatalist but it will pass. I live in Arzona and know a few things about Nevada since I have family there. It’s a blue state and there state legislature actually did pass a gun registration bill. But the governor vetoed it. It’s simply a matter of time. Same thing with my state.

        Gun registration IS a reality we will have in the next decade. But instead of a federal law every state that doesn’t have it already will have there own I-594. With the exact same wording on those 18 pages.

        I hate it. I hate saying this so much. But unless we find a stack of 100 billion to outspend and bankrupt bloomberg we have no counter to a combination of an enemy with literally unlimited funds and resources, ignorant voters and a openly hostile and compliment anti-gun media. It could be a ballot initiative saying gun owners must be rounded up and exterminate like the jews were and it will still pass. Because people don’t read these ballots. Most ballots are only supposed to be a page to a couple pages long. Not an 18 page monster.

        1. I’m not so fatalistic. Much of the south will not let registration happen without blood in the streets.

  2. According to Ballotpedia, an initiative in Nevada requires signatures equal to 10% of the total votes cast in the last general election. For 2014, that would mean 101,666 signatures.

    Turning in roughly 2.5 times as many signatures as required is a bit high, but not ridiculously high, IMO. Apparently a marijuana initiative was also turned in for Nevada recently and they submitted about 200K signatures.

    1. Yes, but it seems high to those of us who look for that sort of thing. You can’t collect that many signatures without attracting *SOME* kind of attention from the pro-gun side. Not if you’re doing it legitimately instead of just cribbing it from voters lists and the phone book.

  3. We screwed up here in Washington State because Bloomberg/MDA hammered the voters with ads describing I-594 as “background checks for sales and transfers”… and OUR side did a poor job pointing out what I-594 then defined as a ‘transfer” (they cleverly buried that definition in 18 pages of legalese). The stories you’ve been hearing on just how absolutely ridiculous the definition of “transfer” is (and hence a FELONY) ? It’s true. And will be the law in Washington State in a month.

    1. I haven’t seen an ad from the pro-594 side that uses the word “transfers”. They usually just leave it at sales/purchases, or use the words “get guns”, or simply “close the background check loophole”. I just puked in my mouth 5 times by scouring the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility to be sure, and nope- no use of the word “transfer”.

    1. Exactly. I have no faith in that state. And it will be used as a springboard to fuck up the rest of the southwest.

  4. What were they signing their names to? “Do you think it’s bad when innocent children are shot? Sign here if yes”?

  5. Join the NRA, sure, but if their performance against I-594 is any indication, they won’t be much help in Nevada. Good luck.

  6. It’s not 10% of all registered voters, they must get 10% of the registered voters in each of the 4 congressional districts. 10% of #1, 10%of #2 and so on. Not as easy as it sounds so there is hope they don’t qualify.The rural districts are still pretty conservative. If it was just 10% of all we’d be toast as they could get that in the leftist areas of Vegas alone. Nevada has just shy of 3 million people, over 2 mil are in the Vegas area.

    1. The idea is that the State Organization do that (in your case would be ISRA) as the NRA cannot and does n ot have the capability to do 50 initiatives in 50 different states…unless we get creative in funding it in the billions.

    1. That was beautiful. Like a child rapist looking for sympathy in a federal prison.

      And he got the reception he deserved. Like a child rapist looking for sympathy in a federal prison.

  7. Gun owners in Nevada have been very aware of this group since they began collecting the signatures. They initially began in stealth mode by standing at the DMV and other high traffic areas telling unsuspecting people the petition was to “protect all Nevada firearms owners,” once even showing up at a local gun show to collect signatures. Many of us immediately began to challenge them on lying about what they were doing, and several contacted local businesses to let them know they would no longer frequent their location if they continued to permit the anti-gun petition collectors to be there. Sadly Nevada law does not prohibit petition takers from being compensated and it looks like they were paying (to the petition taker) between $3 and $8 dollars per signature. Nevada law also does NOT require the taker to be local. This was part of the Bloomberg big money drive. We did un-elect the guy who drafted the exact same legislation last session, and the entire legislature is now in Republican control.

    As to why the high number of signatures? It takes a little over 25K signatures from each congressional district (4) to be valid and undoubtedly a large number of the signatures are invalid. I have not heard if all of the districts turned in twice the required number but it would surprise me if the Northern end of the state did. As one commenter pointed out, the vast majority of our population is in Las Vegas. Our only real hope is to challenge the signatures in the rural district, but even there we have enough Californication going on to likely survive a challenge. This will probably get to the ballot and then we will have millions dumped in from a few billionaires to support it like in Washington. Gotta hand it to them, Getting this on the 2016 ballot will give the grabbers their best chance here. It will be a big election year with the Presidential race, but there will also (most likely) be a marijuana legalization ballot issue up as well. I don’t mean to insult anyone but putting marijuana on the ballot pretty much insures high youth and low information voter turnout. The Nevada Firearms Coalition (NVFAC.Org) (the state NRA affiliate) is trying to raise funds now to challenge the petition signatures and if it makes it through that challenge to challenge the ballot initiative. Sadly Nevada is the next battleground in the Bloomberg ground initiative.

  8. You know, they say a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. I have lost my patience with these morons. I think we need to start mugging liberals wholesale.

    1. I wonder that they plan on doing with California? They have long ago banned private sale, but only permanent ownership change. Loans up to 30 days are allowed. Gotta close that “loophole”.

      Actually, I don’t think they will. That will tip their hand. So we could end up with the inconceivable scenario where California has the most liberal gun sharing laws in the west.

      1. There is nothing much left to do in CA. I forget what city wants to impose the gun locks/ guns under lock and key and that is gonna butt directly against Heller. They cannot risk going against already decided SCOTUS stuff or it may bounce back like Peruta.

  9. This is a fine example of how the fight to protect your freedoms, especially the 2nd Amendment, is a NEVER ENDING battle.

    Join up with the NRA, the GOA, and your state’s grassroots Pro-gun group. One voice is easy to dismiss and ignore but the collective voice of millions is hard to ignore.

  10. Me and everyone I know have been approached by these guys collecting signatures. They always claimed the petition was for legalization of marijuana. These are duped signatures, all of them.

  11. Validate every single one of them. Contact every alleged “signer” and confirm they signed it. That group is known to submit forged and fake signatures on their ballot initiatives.

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