I have been served with a lawsuit from SEI for 2 counts of product disparagement concerning my hearsay comments about their receiver delays.

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Mark Twain is attributed in saying: “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” meaning do not try to fight the media since they have the loudest & widest reach. I will grant you that my slogan is not quite as catchy, but reflects the reality of our modern internet world.

According to the thread in the M14 forum, the gentleman in question has been sued by Smith Enterprises Inc. for comments he made in the forum about a product and/or quality and/or etc. I have no knowledge if the accusations on both sides are right or wrong or tepid, but SEI made a bonehead movement by involving lawyers in comments made in a forum..and a gun forum to boot where people are not too fond of tort lawyers. So far the forum member has garnered all the sympathy and the word of the lawsuit is slowly crawling to other forums and making it to the gun blogs. This does not bode well to SEI and they should remember that Jim Zumbo wrote what he thought was an innocuous line on a Friday and he was out of the job and sponsors by Sunday night on the sheer power of gun owners spreading the word and contacting those who needed to be contacted.

Although it may not have been the intention, the use of lawyers makes SEI look like they are trying to hide and at the same time, silencing by legal strong-arming this individual. This has already been seen as a cowardly maneuver and it is gonna take 100 times more effort to counter it than if they decided to leave it alone or just simply make a strong statement in the forum countering (very politely) the original post.



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By Miguel.GFZ

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11 thoughts on “Never pick a fight against people that can write terabites of negative comments.”
  1. I personally find the most mind-boggling part of the situation is that the company’s Facebook statement appears to ask fans of the company to report anyone else on the internet who says anything about their products that isn’t overwhelmingly positive. Even worse are some of the comments made on their Facebook thread by people who appear to be real who are applauding this action and encouraging them to go after him and “crucify” him or “get his a**.”

    1. I am reading in a couple of places that SEI has been spending all day deleting unfavorable comments on their Facebook page and just leaving the good ones…. that they consider “crucify him” a good comment is telling.

    1. It gets better. I was checking the M14 forum and the =y admitted that they had heat treating problems after all. It was a dumb move and paying attention to what it is said in a forum? Double Dumb.

    1. H2O Man, you have been labeled an SEI fan boy on many forums… Now you’re trying to convince the firearms community as a whole that reporting bad vibes from SEI only hurts us ? SEI is threatening any who dare follow in their offender’s footsteps, with similar actions. If SEI wants the dog piling to stop, then why up the ante (fueling the fire)? SEI made it GLOBAL on their Facebook page, with the witch hunt commencement. I know Ron, he is abrasive, and he is choosing his own battles. Do not pity him… this community is chock full of people with backbones who are willing to fight back, nothing shameful about that.

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