New Blog Layout.

With the introduction of new writers, I decided that the blog’s front page needed to change. I know that a considerable amount of people check the blog with tablets or phones and I was afraid that a story may get lost in the avalanche.

So I tried the tiles and got called on it as smart-phone unfriendly. So, I figure a list style showing the last 10 post will be the best compromise. The long format only showed 5 and it took forever to load in some cases, not that I am saying the GFZ writers like to write long…nah.

OK, that’ll be all… carry on.


11 Replies to “New Blog Layout.”

  1. Hate to say it, but this feels exactly the same. It’s not the tiles, but having to click through to see or read an entry that’s annoying to me. I liked the long form from before.

    Others’ mileage may vary of course. Some may like the click through format.

    1. As I said, my fear is that posts will go missing from view. I am going to have some redesigning, see if can make everybody happy…which I won’t…

  2. I definitely prefer the single column to to the two column format.
    I did like the long form.
    Is there a way to put next story, previous story buttons on the individual posts?

    1. I like the single column, short blurb format. I click through anyway so that I can read the comments. I second the motion for “Next” and “Previous” buttons as well.
      Thanks and keep on truckin’.

  3. I prefer the long form, but I can handle the shorter style if need be. I am not a fan of the tiles though, straight up and down feels best to me. Having the last 10 entries would be good.

    One suggestion would be to still show the number of comments to each entry on the main page. Many times during the day I will go back and see if a new comment has been added to a story after I have read it.

    Thanks for your work.


  4. not seeing a great deal of difference except I can no longer go back to older posts. I look but cannot thus far find the link.

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