This is the third week since the unconstitutional gun control laws went into effect in New York. This is where the passed laws in response to losing their “Good Cause” requirement.

Instead of requiring “good cause” which required you to prove that you were in particular danger above what others might encounter. I.e. the more violent the city became as a whole the less right you had to carry. Regardless, the state got swatted down hard and can no longer require “good cause”.

Instead they now require “good moral character” which they claim allows them to look into your social media. You are required to give them all of your social media accounts that you have had over the last three years. So if you happened to have created an account on “gab” but never use it and forgot you have it and fail to mention it, you can be denied a permit.

If you are lucky enough to get a permit, you can’t actually carry. They have attempted to make everyplace in NY a “sensitive location”. For example they declared all of Time’s Square to be a sensitive place. But they didn’t define what “Time’s Square” was. The city of New York then got to decide. They did. You are suppose to know what the boundaries are. They have put up some signs, but not on all ingress points.

You can be actively looking for the boundary markers and stumble into Time’s Square and be committing a felony.

In the same way it is almost impossible to know what is and is not a “business” that requires explicit signage in order for you to enter.

You are driving along the freeway and pull over to use the facilities. Is that building owned and operated by the government? One set of rules. If the building is owned and operated by a company, there is a different set of rules. There are other places that can become “sensitive” buy the act of something happening nearby.

It has gotten very bad and the new laws are putting an increased burden on law enforcement. This has lead at least one county sheriff to announce that “Brady Checks are no longer required to purchase firearms or change their personal information”. It sounds like this is a pistol purchase permit not being required and does not actually affect the 4473.

The sheriff says that it can take several weeks to complete a Brady Check. Sort of amazing seeing as how most freer states can accomplish the same thing in a few minutes.

They still can’t issue permits to carry because nobody knows the required training so nobody can get the training required to get their permits.

It will be months before the state’s own suggested deadline is here and the preliminary training is released of comments.

It could be another 12 months before they have the training requirements finalized and people can then get the training and then apply.

The cost for the training will be very high. The course will be multiple days per the law. All of this is designed to keep people from exercising their rights.

There are a number of cases that have been filed by FPC and GOA fighting this. The first case was dismissed because the judge said they had no standing. A second case has been filed which corrects the issue(s) the judge had with the first case.

New pistol permit laws prompt local sheriff to adjust county policy, while course instructors add staff

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2 thoughts on “New York has to do what New York does, fighting Bruen”
  1. Hochul really poked the bear. Their old unconstitutional law was replaced with an even more unconstitutional law that is even more restrictive than the old law. I doubt SCOTUS will take kindly to that.

  2. Heh. I wonder if an account here qualifies as social media?
    Hopefully the cases will move quickly, and in California also. The antis may – may – have overplayed their hand with the NY & CA nonsense. But as always it takes time to fix and there are likely to be no repercussions to the infringers.

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