Ripping down the local flag and replacing it with a new flag is what has been done by every conquering army in human history since people started carrying flags.

This is an act of conquest.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “New York is conquered”
  1. The poster asks, “Where are the US Patriots?”
    They’re not in the shithole that is NYC. They’re in points far away in flyover country and away from most cities. They’ve sat through years of being mocked and derided as “conspiracy theorists”, “right wingers”, “domestic extremists”, and other names. So they’ve gone Galt and are leaving you to your own devices.
    Good luck.

    1. Funny. After all of the Covidiocy I witnessed from 2020 to present from NYC combined with all the idiots that infected other areas with their brand of NYC idiocy in fleeing, I commented, “Huh. Well, that explains why every post apocalyptic movie has walling off, blowing the bridges to/from, or machine gun nests to mow down anyone who tries to get out of NYC as a plot point.”

  2. Where was your outcry when the US flag was replaced with the rainbow flag on public buildings?
    Palestine (and its symbols) are recognized by the UN and over 140 countries

  3. New York surrendered…because if ANYONE had done ANYTHING to resist these criminals the po po would have busted THEIR ass…not the criminal invaders. We shouldn’t wait for Russia, China or Iran to nuke New York. We should do it ourselves.

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