16 Replies to “NICS Numbers for 2018. (Holy S***!)”

      1. It is what initially happened with Keeping stats for CWP. The Liberal side tought it would give tme ammo for their control laws, but it turned out to be pure poison showing how law abiding we are,

        1. Then again, there are states like NH where the carry permit data are by law confidential. And the state was so conscientious about this that they refused even to disclose the number of permit holders. Perhaps the fact that the law made bureaucrats personally liable for violations had something to do with that.

  1. This is why I think that the number we keep hearing “300 million guns in America” is FAR too low. I think the real number is more like 600 million.

    1. The 300 million number is from a decade or so ago, so it’s at least 400 million by now and a new report from the Small Arms Survery said just that last year. But it could be much more. We’ll be half a billion by 2029.

  2. The Democrats are in for a rude awakening if they manage to institute the “Australian Model”. Americans aren’t buying 2 million guns a month only to give them up at the whim of some liberal crackpot.

  3. At a modest 1000 rounds for each gun that would be over 3 TRILLION rounds of ammo if each check meant only 1 gun sold, and we know it could be more than one for each check. Going by the estimated number of guns, it could be as high as 6 TRILLION rounds or even more. I reload and have several hundred to a thousand rounds of ammo for each of my 16 firearms.

    1. Hard to tell. How many guns were sold that are for hunting, where the hunter only shoots 20 or 30 rounds a year? Or the homeowner who buys a gun for self defense along with a single box of ammo, and then throws both into a nightstand drawer?

  4. I’ve heard numbers before, but couldn’t find any today. I do remember a reference a couple of years ago to ammunition manufactured in the US or imported for civilian sale amounting to 12 billion rounds in the previous year. I am NOT sure my memory is accurate!

    Fun fact: firearms and ammunition tax (FAET) is not collected or administered by the BATFE, but by their little known cousin the TTB, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau. It gets very complex as to what is taxed and what isn’t, and not surprisingly there are companies and accountants who specialize is how to reduce your FAET liability.

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