“I’m running against Ron DeSantis on a platform that is unpopular with everyone but the most radical Leftists, but before you decide who to vote for, have you seen my tits?”

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Nikki Fried continues to run on T&A”
  1. Remember when Gov. DeSantis told the senior high school students they did not need to wear a mask? The Mama Karen of one of the high school senior students that took his mask off was not happy. She demanded to speak to the Manager! Immediately!
    I feel sorry for the poor overparented senior kid, he is standing there like a henpecked doofus in his KN-95 while Maskless Mama Karen demands Manager DeSantis fix this outrage Immediately! How dare that Governor Man encourage my High school senior son remove his useless mask!
    Can you imagine the grief he got from his HS classmates the next day? Maybe it was better he kept the mask on during his interview, even though Mama Karen (with at least one fat cormorbidity) was maskless the whole freaking time.

    1. She also ran in a district that has been solid Dem since Boss Tweed was getting kickbacks from his nursery school classmates.

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