No Halloween this year.

For some reason, I just don’t feel like doing it.  I know I am increasingly slipping in the grouchy “Get Off My Lawn” neighbor, but Halloween was my favorite holiday because it is a “legal” way to scare people and raise their sugar levels.

This has been a tiresome year so far and will continue to be so after the election, very possibly even a week after with all the complaining and recriminations.

I am just out of…

One Reply to “No Halloween this year.”

  1. i got tired of it when I lived in a more economically ‘diverse’ area when over half the ‘kids’ would show up without a costume. After my move to where I am at now, we go all out. My wife’s birthday is Halloween and she doesn’t want any present other than decorating, so we go crazy. Last 5 years has been zombie-themed, this year will be the CarnEvil! We got a ticket booth, palm reader, I mean bleeder, 4 game stations, a few of the animatronic clowns, a clown car crash scene in the middle of the lawn complete with bloody and decapitated clowns, and more. I just need it to keep my mind off of all the things you listed. And we get compliments every year, makes it worth it. be well!

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