David Carlson shot and killed a wanted rape suspect after heavily-armed teams of police chased the violent cirminal out of the woods near his home. Witness Carmine Ferrera saw the shooting, and said that what she witnessed wasn’t murder.

New York State, of course, doesn’t have a Stand Your Ground law, and so instead of giving Carlson a key to the city for his service to the community, he’s being charged with second degree murder.

via Hero kills fugitive rape suspect… but since it’s New York, he’s been charged with murder.

If you still have any doubts that the determination if retreat has been properly achieved will be left to you to decide, you may wanna check your thoughts again. Go to the article and make sure to click and read all the links.

Two things stand out:

Police searched the woods all day with heavily armed teams but didn’t find him.


The shotgun killing of the fugitive, though, is something that has to be prosecuted, according to Bernard Brady, a long-time veteran criminal lawyer in Orange County.
“New York is not a ‘stand your ground state.’ There is a duty to retreat, especially if you’re armed and the other person isn’t.

So, you have several teams of cops armed to the teeth chasing after a known violent criminal and in the process raising the level of concern in the neighborhood to near panic and that is OK. Homeowner radically stops the violent criminal and he is indicted with murder.

When some idiot argues about how good a law Duty to Retreat is, shove his ignorant face on this article. If you live in Florida, allow me to remind you that there is a bill at the State Senate level wanting to screw around with our SYG. Make sure the compromising RINOS in the legislature understand that we will not tolerate any changes and that what happened in Colorado should be a warning.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “No Stand Your Ground & Justice is served ?”
  1. Call me crazy, but doesn’t our Constitution say something about innocent until proven guilty? This guy was a suspect, as the article notes. Justice in America includes a right to to a fair trial by our peers. Innocent until proven guilty is what we’re told, right? Or do we ignore these standards when it feels good or when we’re pretty sure we have the right guy in our sights?

    I would hate to be walking out of a store and be mistaken as a “suspect” by someone who feels like it’s the right time to abbreviate my Constitutional rights. And, believe me, with the people who are out there, that can happen.

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