A man wearing a balaclava and pacing up and down a BART train this afternoon slashed a fellow passenger across the back with a meat cleaver, and caused more than a dozen other riders to scurry away in fear, according to a witness to the scene.

James Temple, a journalist who was in the car with the suspect, said the the victim was taken away on a gurney, seemingly in good spirits.

Temple described a man holding a rectangular butcher cleaver pacing up and down a BART car on an eastbound train in the Transbay Tube. He said he initially saw a passenger at the end of his car “jump out of the way” of the cleaver-wielding man, and then “all kinds of people trying to jump away.”

“Everyone started running through the cars, trying to get as much distance between themselves and this guy as possible,” he said. Temple said people were cowering in their seats, “trying to get as close to the edges of the BART cars as possible” as the man walked back and forth in the aisle.

“I jumped out of the way once and landed partially on a woman who was sitting,” he added. “I was just trying to get away.”

Good thing nobody put the man with a cleaver in a choke hold, that would have been bad.

A crazy man with a big fucking knife slashing people on the subway is totally normal according to big city people.  That’s just the kind of local flavor that you get in major metropolitan areas that provincial flyover country rednecks don’t understand and are pussies for wanting a gun to defend themselves from.

This is why I avoid major cities in Blue states, because if I see a crazy guy with a big fucking knife slashing at people, I’m going to shoot him.

Then again, I’m just a dumb provincial redneck from Alabama.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Normal things happening on the subway”
  1. I watched a video today on portland or. Walmart closing the last 2 walmart there. The “news” said financial reasons (IE massive theft)prompted the closures. People there say liberal soft on crime laws are to blame… 474 property theft in the last 6 months.. Duh. Oh but new yorkers say this is normal.. to us, we won’t put up with it.. fuk em

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