By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Not a legal shoot but I understand why he did it”
  1. The shooter is someone “connected” if I read right about him. He will probably be given a slap on the wrist or at worst, taken to jail and wait till the indignation wears down (6 months) and then set free because a “mistake” was made in the investigation.

    That is the shit I lived with and happily ran away from

  2. That would be a “not guilty” from me. If the douchebags in power would DO THEIR JOBS and arrest these protesters instead of enabling them episodes like this couldn’t happen.

  3. Man, the meme-presse are running hot churning out top tier material.

    Total overreaction, no discussion.

    But so is blocking ordinary citizens for hours instead of harassing corrupt politicians. You don’t make friends by blocking the street. Never have, never will.

  4. The older you get, the less a life sentence means. Not sure what the penalty is in Panama, but I wouldn’t want to spend a second in any South American prison. At his age, a year could be a life sentence.

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