I haven’t ventured out since probably 2 pm yesterday.

House temp is the bottom one. Yes, a tad low but by orders of the missus that is the way it should be. Except the bathroom is to be kept at 90 degrees.

Traffic has been composed of a few vehicles with off-road capabilities and one snowplow that drove by around midafternoon. Nobody is out driving-biking-walking, even the Walking Meths have not come out of their lair.

When is daylight, I may venture out to check final snow accumulation. We are supposed to have a couple of snow-free but cold as hell days, then some more of the white crap on Thursday, clear for the weekend and a possible low of zero-fucking-degrees.



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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on “Not breaking perimeter & having cameras. The Effing Cold Outside Edition.”
  1. Currently 17℉ here. Everything covered in snow, including the road (I presume a snowplow will be along sometime this morning). Just saw some sort of non-plow vehicle go past, but overall it’s vewwy vewwy quiet.
    I’ll need to go outside soon, to attend to the poultry. The ducks will likely want to come out and play in the snow; the chickens will be needing food & water delivered to their coop.
    And tomorrow is supposed to get colder… like, negative numbers in the early morning.

  2. 58? Damn dude, that’s too cold for a house even for me. I cranked up the furnace when it hit 64 the other day. I like to aim for 68 but my house is so drafty that 66-67 is usually where it sits.

  3. -5 to -10 for the past 3 days, my Ring cameras have been out for 2 days. It’s supposed to warm up by this weekend. Warm being 10-15 above 0. (all units in F)

      1. Batteries definitely do not last as long, but in this case no; The cameras came back online with 80% battery life, once the temperature got back above 0F. Here’s the Statement from Ring’s website:
        ~-5°F (-20.5°C):
        The battery may disconnect power completely until temperatures warm up, or it may enter Sleep Mode for some Ring Smart Lighting devices (see below to learn more about Sleep Mode). https://ring.com/support/articles/b8l7l/Ring-Devices-Extreme-Temperatures

        I’m in MN so it’s not uncommon to have a month or so of sub-zero temperatures. So far this year it’s only been a couple weeks.

  4. It was about 20 F here in NH this morning, and showing moderately, so we went on a long version of our morning walk (4 miles) before the snow accumulates too much.
    10 degrees isn’t any big deal, just wear suitable clothes. Now -10 or below that gets a bit hairier, at least for NH residents; if I lived in ND it would be a moderate winter day and I’d have different gear to handle it.

    For fun, go to gutenberg.org and find “The worst journey in the world” by the amazingly named Apsley Cherry-Garrard — a description of a research trek during the Scott Antarctic expedition. They were traveling in weather so cold they had to leave the sled dogs at the base camp — too cold for them.

  5. Central Oregon is emerging from the low teens back into the 30s. Snow is normal, but the high winds had an effect. Mt. Bachelor was closed for almost a week because the winds made the ski lifts dangerous and on Sunday Highway 97 was full of wrecked 18 Wheelers. The Portland area is covered in ice at the moment so I expect car pinball videos

  6. 29 in the Pacific Northwest at the moment. Warmed up from 4 a few days ago. The PNW gets blasted from the interior of British Columbia down the Frasier River canyon pretty much every year at some point.
    Most of the residents of the capitol of The Peoples Repubelick of Pugetopia (Seattle,) have NO CLUE how to drive on the white stuff.

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