I find myself going over this subject almost every time a mass shotting event happens.

This is somebody I follow in Twitter.  I understand there are  legitimate Law Enforcement and prevention reasons why mentioning the names of Asshole Patrick Crusias and Asshole Connor Betts is no a thing to do, but politically and Constitutionally, it is a very bad strategy.

Nature abhors vacuum and Humans abhor unanswered questions. We cannot expect that a falsely created void will not be filled just because we say/hope so. And if you think Gun Control Advocates are going to be honorable and not play politics with that hole, you are deluded and specially, where have you been?.

I bet that if I mention Nikki Cruz, about half of you will have a vague idea of him, you know you heard the name and since we are talking about mass shooter, he is probably one. You may not remember he is the Parkland shooter who killed 15 of his former school mates and gave us David Hogg as new Gun Control flavor.

The calls for Cruz’s name not to be mentioned went out again and as usual people wanted a responsible entity to lay blame on and although it started with the NRA, soon enough what happened in Parkland was attached to a live human being: Dana Loesch.

I applauded her for being ballsy enough to go into what she had to figure would be a hostile situation. But she is now more hated by the Left than all the real killers out there. The abuse she suffers in Social Media is brutal. The following are screen captures I gathered in under 1o minutes from her timeline and do not include the death threats that get promptly reported and deleted.

Notice the dates. This is not back when parkland but yesterday and the day before. Nice, huh?

This is what the “Don’t Mention Names” creates. It deflects the blame to those who are blameless and makes the whole sad affair a political clown show. I would even bet that if allowed, the Broward county jury in the future trial of Nikki Cruz would rather send Dana Loesch to get lethal injection and have the mass murderer go free.  And don’t forget that to a lesser level, you are also being adjudicated guilt in the mass killings. They will not bat an eye if they could send you to prison or have you taken to some backward alley and get shot in the back of the head.

If you haven’t bought your AR or similar semi rifle, it is time you seriously think about it. Not because legislation (I am sure the Dems are crafting one now) but because you may need it to save your life from the upcoming hate mobs.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

2 thoughts on “Not Mentioning Mass Shooters: A bad political strategy.”
  1. Not stating the names of the shooters is just a farce when the media was wall to wall lookng at the Walmart parking lot in El Paso for HOURS and HOURS Saturday and the coverage since since

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