Miguel wrote a good post Not Mentioning Mass Shooters: A bad political strategy.

I believe that deliberately avoiding the names of the shooters is pointless as long as the media spends days and weeks talking about the shooting afterward.  Everybody knows who did it, regardless of whether or not some talking head says his name.

Where I disagree with Miguel is on his point that not using the shooter’s name allows the radical gun haters to focus their energy elsewhere.

This is what the “Don’t Mention Names” creates. It deflects the blame to those who are blameless and makes the whole sad affair a political clown show.

To the people cursing and threatening Dana Loesch online, they couldn’t care less who the shooter was or the details of the failures that allowed him to do what he did.

These people hate gun owners.  They hate us with a fury of an erupting volcano.  They hate us because we are gun owners, not just gun owners, but we are part of gun culture.  This is an “other” culture to them.  One that they have been raised to hate, regardless of the evidence.

They don’t care that no mass shooting has been carried out by an NRA member.  Or that the NRA supports law enforcement.  Or that the Parkland shooting happened because the BSO was a bunch of fuck-ups from Sheriff Israel all the way down.

They hate gun owners who are part of gun culture and Dana Loesch is a figurehead for gun culture, that is all that matters.

For hundreds of years, it didn’t matter that the Jews never poisoned the wells.  It didn’t matter that some ignorant townsfolk dug his shiting hole too close to the town’s water supply and that’s why everyone was dying of diarrhea.  If you went back in time and explained to these people what cholera or typhus was, they wouldn’t care.  People were sick and that meant that the Jews on the other side of the town poisoned the well and now there was going to be a pogrom.

The level of ignorant scapegoating and hatred of the NRA and its members every time there is a mass shooting is the same and comes from the same place.

Hatred of the other culture.

I would even bet that if allowed, the Broward county jury in the future trial of Nikki Cruz would rather send Dana Loesch to get lethal injection and have the mass murderer go free.

This is spot on, because they only dislike Cruz for killing a bunch of kids they don’t know, but they HATE Dana Loesch for being a symbol of the gun culture they despise.

They will direct their hate at us and our spokespeople regardless of the publicity of the shooter’s name.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “They are going to hate no matter what”
  1. Ya know whats really interesting?? I bet every single one of These gun derangement syndrome
    A$$hats all know someone killed in a car wreck and I bet all of em still drive cars. It used to be back in the day before “social” media that if you threatened a person the way they threaten Dana they would either A: go to jail or 2: get their snowflake ass kicked. I spend very little time on social sites so I dont get my mind full of stupidity. I have to large hat tip to Mr Miguel and you Mr J for giving us deplorables a sounding board

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