Not much of a surprise: Gillum wants to abolish ICE

I posted about this before, Cui bono? Who benefits from a lack of immigration and Customs? Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The FEC should start looking really deep into who is financing this campaign.

I wonder if the Democrats really want to bang that drum on this side of the country. It may make pretty music back in California, but Florida is a different animal when it comes to immigration. And with a lot of people coming from Venezuela and Nicaragua, the idea of selling Socialism and sexy may not be welcomed by many. It is not that the southern counties will suddenly turn red, but if enough Hispanics simply do not vote for Gillum, the damage will be done.

In the same article, I caught this thing of absolute beauty:

You know what immigrants (at least on the Florida side) will say if you are extradited after being married for decades to an US Citizen and never even bothering to apply for a Green Card?  You deserve to get kicked out of the country, pendejo!  

The Florida Media will have to work overtime trying to put a lot of molasses and sprinkles to the bowl of shit that Gillum will try to dish out as campaign platform. Maybe that is why they were so loud with DeSantis monkey non-issue: Socialism may be a hard sale in Florida after all.


5 Replies to “Not much of a surprise: Gillum wants to abolish ICE”

  1. He’s a governor and has absolutely no power over that issue…but pointing it out is a great way to fire up rightwing Republicans and, well, mission accomplished.

  2. Here in NY there have been rumblings from NYC liberal politicians about abolishing ICE. Even the Democrats I know don’t support that stance. There is no real political capital to be gained from embracing this, unless of course you’re going to have a large voting bloc of illegal aliens. There’s no way that illegal aliens could vote, is there?

    1. Well, CA is already officially adopting the vote for illegals. And any politician that opposes voter ID is an advocate for illegals voting (along with voting at multiple places and in multiple states).

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