If that pattern holds in November, the worst-case scenario for the GOP is a truly historic wipeout of as many as 72 House seats, according to The Hill’s analysis of special election results and congressional and presidential returns from 2016.

Worst-case scenario for House GOP is 70-seat wipeout.

It is bad news, but I am not surprised.  I know I am not very enthused with my Representative since I was redistricted and ended up with the psycho Rodeo Clown of Frederica Wilson. But I don’t really see my friends giving too much of a shit about GOP candidates either.

We have not seen a reason why back the GOP and actually seen them do the eye-batting towards the Democrat voter side in the hopes that they can suck up some votes which apparently nobody told them it is not going to happen.  The House GOP ignored Gun Owners and they are on their way to get a George W. Bush-style defeat, which could have been avoided if they just simply made an effort to discuss National Reciprocity on the floor, nothing more.  At least pretend you give a shit, you know?

I have not polled Florida gun owners, but I have not heard/read anybody supporting Governor Scott for his run after Bill Nelson’s seat in DC.  In fact, they have been deafening in the collective silence.

Our “problem” is that we do not vote Democrat even when they are dressed as Republicans and make all the appropriate noises.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Not surprised: Worst-case scenario for House GOP is 70-seat wipeout.”
  1. Are there Libertarian candidates?
    A Libertarian vote is a much clearer message than not voting. If the L candidate were to get 5% rather than the typical 1%, that would say very clearly to both the big parties “a pox on both your houses”. But if it’s simply a D win because the R voters stay home, the failed R candidates will make all the wrong assumptions on why they lost, most likely blaming Trump rather than their own malfeasance.
    I’d argue you should vote L even if you don’t really approve of their platform, just for the message value of doing so.

  2. One obvious problem is the R inability to express a coherent reason why they are better, or why the D’s are bad for the country. There are so many easy answers: gun confiscation policies, D’s raising taxes, “Resist”, “Impeach Trump”.
    Apparently, in the recent Ohio 12 special election, the R candidate never bothered to run an ad pointing out the anti-gun policies of the D party. One wonders what he was thinking (if anything).

  3. Step 1) GOP loses 70 house seats
    Step 2) Dems get speaker of the house
    Step 3) Dems impeach Trump and Pence in a 1-2 punch
    Step 4) Dems put their own person in as POTUS in 2021

    If they use the argument that Trump colluded, then Pence is just as dirty so he’d have to go too. This is using the Constitution to state a legal coup. The Dems might even go so far as to go after House and Senate Republicans that backed Trump.

    This leads to a potential Step 5) civil war.

    Never before has a midterm been used to change the party that holds the Executive. The Dems might be off the rails enough to try it. It won’t end well, that’s for sure.

    1. Yes, I realized that plan is out there once I started seeing the “Trump-Pence Regime must go” signs. Optimistically, one might hope that #4 actually becomes: Dems lose 2021 in a landslide due to the people’s disgust at their attempted putsch.

  4. If you list n to Rush and look around at whats goin on in the REAL America, Im concerned but not freaked out. Every d candidate that ocasio stumped for all around the country LOST. Im not real thrilled about gop candidates BUT whats the alternitive? Let the dumbacrats win control and reinstate high taxes gun control and hate??? I dont think so. The “blue wave” is fizzlin out. Real Americans are sick and tired of the get Trump bullshit and the blatent hate and contempt dems show for America and her people. IF dumbacrats win We the People LOSE.

  5. And that would be a loss? Aside from a moderate tax break, all they’ve accomplished with a majority House, Senate and Executive is to prove how spineless and pathetic the whole lot of them really are.
    Fuckit . Let the dems rule and shred the Constitution so that the shooting can start. If the ballot box won’t work, I’d rather use the cartridge box so my son’s won’t have to.

  6. People, you are forgetting that congress is not a bunch of individuals, but two parties. The one in the majority gets to determine which bills get to the floor, which judges are confirmed, and on and on. If you are pissed off at your local Republican, I say SO WHAT. Vote for the R, or we will get a congress that will be controlled by the Dems. And we will regret it. I don’t care how much you hate your particular R, think about the rest of the country, and who will control Congress.

    Nuff said!

  7. I live in NY27, a solid red district that has been held by Chris Collins, a Republican. Well, Chris got himself indicted on insider trading charges a couple weeks ago and isn’t seeking re-elecction now. The NY GOP is a joke and a bunch of candidates are scrambling to get the nod to run in his stead. So now a red district that would have been a shoe-in for the incumbent Republican is very much at play and might go Blue. This is no good.

  8. I should add, there is at least some good news. Here in NY, our putrid Governor Cuomo basically committed mainstream political suicide the other day when he said “We’re not going to make American great. It was never great.” The video is out there and will be used to hang him should he ever try to run for national office.

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