So we have done the car registration and the Driver’s License thing here in Tennessee and the next step is to get the Enhanced Carry Permit (Yes, we want the darn thing because reasons.)

Now mind you, to get the TN DL which is supposed to be Real ID compatible, I was told to present Proof of Citizenship or Legal Permanent Residence so I could get that cute little star in the ID card indicating I am all good in that sense. So when I got my license, I took my certificate of naturalization and all was well and I am supposed to get my DL with a star in the mail sometime in the next couple of weeks (the fact I am driving around with a printed copy of the DL in the meantime is one curious TN thing I won’t address just yet.)

I don’t like messing around much with the Certificate of Naturalization as it is the only thing you have to prove indeed you went through the legal hoops and are a Citizen. US Born Americans can get a copy of the birth certificate  without too much of an issue, but I have to deal with the federal government and pay a frigging fee of $555 for a copy of the gorramed document which is why I keep the darn thing under lock and key at all times.

So a few minutes ago, I sit down to review the requirements for the TN Carry Permits and I get this:

Clicking at the link takes you to the list of approved items which do not include the frigging “TN DL. Now with Real ID!” which is supposed to be proof you are indeed legally here. And that begs the question of why did I go through the Real ID crap in the first place if the DL is not good enough.

And no, I don’t have a valid passport. Mine expired long ago and I tried to get a passport card before moving, but the slowness of the process would have meant they would be mailing the document to the Miami address rather than TN.  Now I have to wonder if the Passport card would be an accepted form of documentation or do I need the full booklet so the officials processing future paperwork will consider it valid.

I am going to breathe deep, count to ten and  wait for the TN DL to arrive in the mail, only then begin the process to get the EHCP.  I will probably go ahead and apply for the passport too so I can secure the hell out of my Citizenship Certificate and stop messing with it. If I read the law right, my Florida carry license should be valid for 5 months and 3 weeks before I am legally obligated to have the TN card.

Bureaucracy has a way to ground you back to reality, doesn’t it?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Nothing says “Back to normal” than dumb paperwork.”
  1. Bureaucrats need bullshit (starts with B, ends with S) to live.

    Don’t hate on the bureaucrats. Snot their fault. Dey’s just doing they job.

    Instead, hate on the attorneys and politicians who make the Byzantine rules.

    Indeed, they want everybody behind some kind of 8 ball. Much easier to manipulate the citizens when you’ve already hamstrung them six ways to Sunday.

    Don’t worry. Be happy.

    It’s all good.

    My money is on 2022. Gonna make 2021 look like a barkin cake walk.

  2. Do yourself a favor and get the lifetime carry permit, and be done with them. I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to get mine renewed over the years, mostly the moron that handles the carry permitting for the state in Nashville. Just the normal arrogant/ lazy bureaucrat that is doing you a favor by doing her job.

  3. No back to normal for the Military in Hampton Roads. I received an email that stated the following.

    Effective immediately we are returning to HPCON B . This morning, all Hampton Roads area installations were directed to transition to HPCON B. Hampton Roads COVID case rates have been steadily increasing over the past 9 days and we are no longer meeting HPCON A gating criteria with an average transmission rate across all 15 Hampton Roads localities now at 4.1 cases/100k/day.

  4. According to 42 CFR § 435.407 – Types of acceptable documentary evidence of citizenship – the passport card is to be accepted as stand-alone proof of citizenship. (

    Interestingly, according to that, it doesn’t matter if it’s expired or not. And of course that’s a federal code, TN might have different requirements.

    Practically speaking, given that TN has a land border with neither Canada nor Mexico, it’s likely most of the bureaucrats in TN haven’t seen one and wouldn’t really know what to do with it, even if is valid for citizenship proof according to TN’s rules.

  5. So the whole real id requirements are dumb. When I get my first DL I had to use my birth certificate. Now I have to use my birth certificate AGAIN for the real id issued in the same state. They have all of that info already. More government waste of time and money. Then again, it’s California. It’s to be expected.

  6. Hey Miggy,

    I have the “State Department certification of foreign birth” talk about a pain in the ass if it is lost, that’s is why I use the passport for all my ID stuff for word, my carry permit, DL and everything else. My “Birth Certificate ” stays in the safe, for that same reason.

  7. This also reminds me of something a friend went through recently, to try to get her “Real ID” driver’s license. To prove state residency, you need a few bills or statements – utilities, bank accounts, paystub, etc. – that show your local address. The website says quite clearly, these must be originals, no copies.

    Well, she had gone to almost entirely electronic billing and statements. That’s safer and more convenient in a number of ways, but depending on who you get at the local motor vehicle office, the clerk might not accept a printout as “original.” So, what then?

  8. I was under the impression that a “passport card” is basically not good for anything — though in years past it was good for travel to Mexico. Or some such single country. I have a regular passport, it’s not much more expensive and works everywhere, because passports are standard documents that are well understood.

    So TN doesn’t have Constitutional Carry yet?

    Read ID is a weird program. I got one because I was told it would be needed soon for air travel, unless I wanted to carry my passport for domestic travel. When I applied for the ID I found that I had to supply my social security card, but that it wasn’t acceptable if laminated. WTFO? Mine is, because back in college I needed to carry it in my wallet — the school at the time (1970s) used the social security number as college ID number.

  9. I cannot stand this real id bullshit. If i need fedral papers ill use my passport. Idk what it is about kt thay rankles me so and makes me go its basically papieren bitte.

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