This is the terrifying collection of nearly 500 guns and 200,000 rounds of ammunition which was seized from a parish council chairman who collected firearms ‘like stamps’.Police revealed the full extent of their discovery at the home of crane operator James Arnold in Wyverstone, Suffolk. It is the biggest arsenal of illegal weapons ever found in the UK.

Source: Suffolk police seize arsenal of almost 500 guns and 200k rounds of ammunition | Daily Mail Online

You can almost smell the fecal droppings of journo Anthony Joseph as he writes about this amazing gun collection. Go check the picture show by clicking on the icon at the lower right of any of the illustrations in the main article. And yes, it is a Calico, no a Calcio, but what else can you expect from a newspaper that actually let’s this sub be printed?

Daily mail arsenal

It seems like they are actually surprised that the law is unable to prosecute a corpse. Expect laws to fix that coming soon.

PS: Did anybody notice that even after 2 years, cops are not saying if any of the highly scary guns was connected to any violent crime?

Hat tip: Mark L.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “Now this is an arsenal…lacked ammo though.”
  1. Not prosecuting a corpse seems the right way to go (unless you’re a medieval Pope and dig up a predecessor to put him on trial), but the comment reminds me of Ken Lay’s conviction being vacated because he died before he was sentenced. I thought that was silly, but I’m no jurist.

  2. “Experts from the National Ballistics Intelligence Service examined many of the weapons and could not find any link to known crimes”

  3. The British seem to terrify pretty easily these days. It’s obvious that the people who lived through the Blitz are all gone.

  4. George Jones is right. They showed very little actual ammo, just buckets of empty brass and “cast boolits”. And those guns! It sure seems like so much of it are old, rare, collectible stuff. Besides, if it really was 500 guns and 200K rounds, that’s only 400 per gun.

    So much hype over so little substance.

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