NRA Annual Meeting is over but, Where were Shannon Watts and the Moms?

According to their Facebook page:

While the NRA was in Louisville for its annual meeting, Moms were there, too — with gun violence survivors, faith leaders and supporters — to send NRA leadership a message: We will not rest until meaningful action is taken to protect Americans from gun violence.

Moms Demand Lousiville

There to send a message… well, not there-there but a bit away…inside an University with a weapons-free policy some miles away.  And how many, you wonder? The numbers were so low that even the local bird-dropping catcher, The Courier Journal (rabidly anti gun) could not put enough make up on that pig:

Moms Demand Lousiville 2

But I wanted to see if there was a recorded measure of fail, so I checked around for more news and found in at WLKY32:

Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and others held a vigil for gun violence victims and survivors at Spalding University Saturday morning.

Quilts were on display during the vigil to symbolize the human toll of gun violence.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which now has 3 million members, paid a visit to Louisville on the same weekend as the National Rifle Association annual meeting.

Three million members? And they could not fill five frigging rows in a controlled environment?

Moms Demand Lousiville 3
For all the millions Moms Demand spend on PR & Ad firms, this is pathetic.


The only people/groups that Moms Demand/Everytown have any “relevance” with are  fellow Gun Control Advocates and The Media.  And I wonder how longer can they get that bellows blowing before the whole thing collapses.


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  1. Reminds me of the St Louis ‘protest’ that was supposed to march on the convention hall. Noone showed up at the center and by the time I got to their meeting place, the three or four people who had been there had already departed.

  2. Interesting that they did not even make an attempt to pick it anywhere near NRA. It’s enough to make one wonder what’s going on with them or are they that afraid of us?

    1. Shannon Watts does not go into any place or even she cannot control 100%. Remember 2 years ago when she was confronted by Dana Loesch and she ran away with bodyguards around her. People that have only pre-programmed answers do not do well on debates and she knows it well.

      1. And drove off in SUV’s with New York plates. Maybe bloomers didn’t get the message that money was needed to hire more momunists for the Kentucky “gathering”. Or is that a coven?

  3. “And I wonder how longer can they get that bellows blowing before the whole thing collapses.”

    The bellow comment gave me a laugh because it immediately made me thing of Miracle Max and got me to wondering if Shannon and the MOMs were just mostly dead or all dead,

  4. Where is Watts in the marching photo? Usually she’s front and center when there’s a camera around. I guess she couldn’t even bring herself to march in the rain with her little cult.

  5. MDA “3 Million” members, hmmmm.
    That’s 60,000 per state (assuming equal distribution).
    At 1/100th of those in the state (and close enough to easily attend) MDA should have had 600-ish people at their vigil… but pics show 1 to 2 dozen, if that.
    Hmmmm, so do the members just not care or is Shannon fudging the numbers?

    1. There are no 3 million members even if you add all the Facebook likes and Twitter follows of Moms and Everytown.
      And not a single one pays dues of any kind.

      1. The best I can tell, here in Iowa they have one member. So the other 56 states should have a lot of members.

        She wrote a LTE and spouted all the typical “gun safety” crap. Until I asked when their next “safety class” was. Funny that I never got a response.

      2. Ok, my vote for the “3 million” mark is from the number of page hits they have accumulated on the Moms Demand website. Now, if we are to break those hits down into likely categories, things become interesting. You have to figure there are a solid 1 million page hits from gun owners, curious about an organization bent on destroying their rights, then add another 1 million or so for spam/porn bots trolling the internet for revenue, then maybe 900,000 people looking for milf porn who were mistakenly lured in by an organization called “Moms Demand Action”, and we can give the remaining hits to Bloomberg financed supporters/trolls, CSGV bed-wetters, and a dozen or so actual supporters.

        Sound about right?

    1. How could Katie Couric be even vaguely considered patriotic when her “documentary” (aka propaganda) is all about denying us a civil right? Of course they would make a flag presentation mistake.

  6. Funny, my firearms are here so that my children don’t get taken away by the mindless violence of criminals.

    Also, MDA, your only means of supposedly protecting the children is to take away our firearms. You sure as hell do not teach gun safety classes. Your idea of gun safety is bans, restrictions, and confiscation. So, you lie MDA.

  7. Three million members? And they could not bus in enough to fill five frigging rows in a controlled environment?

    There. Fixed that for you.

    It’s relevant, considering that every one of the ~80,000 NRA members in attendance paid their own way and provided their own transportation. The Moms can’t pay to bring in enough to counter that — not even close. Shows what level of support they really have.

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