And I am including Gun Control and some Gun Advocacy groups and people.


A court in New York handed a prominent Second Amendment advocacy organization a victory Wednesday in an ongoing legal battle over its existence, among other allegations.

New York Supreme Court Judge Joel Cohen ruled that Attorney General Letitia James could not seek to dissolve the National Rifle Association in a ruling issued Wednesday.

“The NRA is a prominent advocacy organization that represents the interests of millions of members who have stuck with it despite the well-publicized allegations in this and other cases,” Cohen wrote in his ruling. “The State-sponsored dissolution of such an entity is not something to be taken lightly or without a compelling need.”

“In short, the Complaint does not allege the type of public harm that is the legal linchpin for imposing the ‘corporate death penalty,’” Cohen added.

NRA Scores Court Victory Against AG Letitia James In New York | The Daily Caller

It was a frivolous enterprise and got spanked as such. Now, if the judge were to force the State of New York to pay for court cost and attorneys’ fees, the delight would be complete.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “NRA haters are not having a good day.”
  1. I’m going to be salty on this one today. To bad(?) it’s only a matter of time until the NRA collapses on its own. NRA donations and membership has collapsed with many people swearing not to donate a penny until Wayne is gone. And I’m not holding my breath because Wayne is going to keep running the NRA into the ground using it as personal piggy bank until he literally dies. The NRA has not done jack fucking goddamn shit for us in nearly a decade and anything earlier is questionable. All they do is mail out their fear porn mailers asking for money (which a lot of people are not giving to them anymore), ask for money, ask for more money and sell out our rights. Trump banned bump stocks because the NRA ceded the ground and I am confident to say that is why 80% lowers and braces are on the chopping block next; and did I mention how they ask for money? The NRA as of now is literally like a charity fraud where you give them money and they spend 100% of that money on things like suits and yachts for themselves and then they say they don’t have enough money and then ask for more money saying full blown gun confiscation is days or weeks away unless you give them money. And the cycle repeats. Because they need more money to buy more luxury items. Then take credit for other peoples work on the state level and in the courts, and in the very next sentence ask for money and say they are the only ones in the way of the complete and total ban of gun ownership with door to door confiscation. Which is bullshit. And they know it. While the democrats would love that it’s not the NRA stopping them. And yes, the NRA has achieved things but this NRA is not the one I joined 15 years ago. What we have now is a piggy bank for Wayne and other ‘leaders’ in the NRA to use and ask for more money. I’d love for them to actually stand for something besides asking for money, pretending to and then ask for more money. But until they are purged and streamlined, and if that takes the NY state AG, who hates us, to do it so be it and the NRA can go and fuck themselves.

  2. The NRA has really stepped on the ball that last decade or so. They became bloated and who in hell knows what else.

    I sent in my ballot with “vote of no confidence” in red across it. The shenanigans with Ackerman McQueen showed poor fiduciary responsibility.

    I no longer buy the “it would be worse if we didn’t buckle, I mean compromise” shtick.

    1. In 1934, the NRA’s then president, attorney and x3 Olympic gold medalist pistol champion Karl T Frederick, volunteered to help write the 1934 NFA. In his testimony before the Ways and Means committee, he referenced a “model” firearms act that he wrote for Washington, D.C. and said he had been trying to persuade NY state to adopt that law. He also made the point that people who went to the trouble obtain licenses for possession (not carry licenses which he was against) were more law abiding than the average citizen.
      Not much has changed for the NRA. But, for all of that we still need them in the game. NY state AG Letitia James should be disbarred and tried for turning her office into a lawfare machine. NY has plenty of actual crime that needs to be prosecuted.

      Frederick also authored a book, Pistol Regulation, It’s Principal and History, in 1930. It was reprinted in 1972.

      There’s a Wikipedia article on him:

      1. Why does everybody who has a hard on for the NRA brings this guy but do not bring the NRA leadership that supported GCA 68?
        It was shitload more harmful than the NFA, but damn, nobody wants to talk about it.
        Curious, ain’t it?

  3. I hope you meant that the bid to dissolve the organization was frivolous and not the entire action, because many of the elements of the case are being allowed to move forward…specifically regarding the abuses of Wayne and Co. and the lack of oversight by the BOD.

    Those charges are hardly frivolous and every one of the (at one time) five million members are victims of their definitely abusive and potentially criminal behavior.

    My only hope is that Wayne and his lackeys will be booted and banned from the organization and the court will order a restructuring that will restore the nation’s confidence in the organization. Until that happens…and it could take many years considering how our cesspit of a court system works…the NRA is going to continue to struggle to survive.

    I know that I’m not donating a penny to the organization as long as that money will be primarily used to pay the shyster lawyers defending the shyster leadership.

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