NRA Money, bad. Bloomblerg Money, good. – If you have not applied for your Florida CWP, do it now.


 Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group co-founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said Thursday that in addition to throwing $2 million behind Democratic candidates seeking Florida Cabinet positions, it will be dedicating $1.8 million solely to agriculture commissioner nominee Nikki Fried and attorney general hopeful Sean Shaw.
The organization told the Times/Herald that it supports “gun-sense” candidates like Fried, who called for a full audit of the concealed-weapons permit process.

Bloomberg’s gun safety group to spend another $1.8 million on Nikki Fried, Sean Shaw

After hammering about how bad was that politicians were getting money to run, specially if it was from the NRA (which is not that much) the Gun Control suddenly has found the idea of pouring millions in campaigns to be not only palatable but doubleplusgood. Bloomberg already bought the future Florida Senate President at the tune of $200K and wants to buy elected positions in the executive branch.

As for Nikki Fried, as much as she can, I don’t think she can upend the CWP, but she probably can slow it down to the three months allowed by the law rather than as fast as the modern methods allows.  She is saying that an overhaul is needed so I would not be surprised if suddenly new hires start making mistakes so the problem could be taken to the legislature for overhaul and eventually elimination from Florida statutes. And I will predict that they will go as bold as to try to eliminate carry altogether in Florida.

Florida led the country with the Concealed Carry movement. The Democrats want it to lead the roll back from Florida. They want to Californicate us.
I don’t know you, but I am already tired of the North Easterners trying to tell me their way (the way they are escaping) is better than ours.


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  1. They never sleep, like rust. Never never quit the fight y all. I think the dumbacrats are going to be severly trounced every where and THAT is gonna be large fun to watch. I could be wrong , we will see. Stay vigalent. Stay awake.

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