This is Nate McMurrhy, he’s running for congress in New York.


This is how he feels about the Second Amendment.


See, you, the constituent, are a dumbass and you’re a psycho because you have a personal arsenal in your basement and he’s going to infringe on it.

The military, i.e., the well regulated militia according to him, can keep their assault rifles.  Presumably to use against you and your private arsenal.

When a Democrat tells you that you’re a dumbass and he’s going to infringe upon you, believing him.

The sad part is that this is a winning message in New York.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “NY congressional candidate tells us how he really feels”
  1. UBI is Universal Basic Income — in other words, everyone gets taxpayer money, you don’t need to work if you don’t feel like it.

    1. I have heard arguments both for and against UBI, and there are some potential upsides. However, those upsides ignore human laziness and greed.
      One upside is getting rid of welfare, food stamps, and other assistance. Supposedly it would be tax neutral, or even reduce government spending.
      Now, if only I could trust the politicians to stop giving away welfare, EBT, housing, etc… when UBI is put in place. (HINT: I don’t think that will ever happen.)
      This moron is no different than AholeC when her new greed deal included money for those that choose not to work.

      1. Done right, UBI could work better than welfare, SNAP, TANF, and other public assistance.
        But do we really trust the fed-gov to do anything right?
        Plus, it’s been tried in much smaller, less populous nations in Europe (Holland or Denmark, I think?). IIRC, they gave a two-year pilot … and chose not to renew it. The “universal basic income” very quickly became “not enough” to live on, but getting a job that paid above UBI — assuming you could find one — meant losing UBI. The amount of work and effort it would take to increase income and quality of life by 10% was such that most people simply chose to survive with less. Production fell with fewer people working, cost of living went up due to scarcity (the Law of Supply and Demand is a heartless b!tch), and quality of life took a huge hit for everyone — not just those on UBI.
        So again, do we really trust OUR fed-gov to do any better?

        1. Of course I do not trust our Federal government to do anything better.
          Seriously, look around your workplace. How many of your co-workers would you trust to make decisions about your family’s health and finances? I would hazard a guess the number approaches zero.
          And, any delusion that the congress would actually stop welfare payments/handouts when UBI started are wishful thinking.

  2. UBI will not work, long term, until we are a post-scarcity civilization, where essentially all necessities can be provided for wirhout human labor. Otherwise, eventually, other people’s money will run out … not to mention the increasing theft of work from those who choose to continue to do so.

    1. Let’s see. I can live OK without working, or marginally improve my situation with a full time job.
      Ohhh…. tough choice, what to do, what to do…

  3. What I want to know is how this asshat professes to diagnose mental health ailments without qualifications or in-person experience with the subject or their direct actions? chump.

  4. I live in Western New York in the Congressional District next to NY 26. Nate McMurray’s primary campaign for the Demoncrap nomination against Tim Kennedy is a newsworthy item. Here’s some facts.

    Nate McMurray is a 3 time loser who has been rejected by the local Demoncraps. Not that Kennedy is any better; he won’t come right out and say he is for gun bans. Being anti-2A cost a local Republican congresscritter, Chris Jacobs, his seat in the last election; he lost support of the local party and his constituents. Jacobs was McMurray’s boss in a local corporation at one time. The NY Republican Congressional Representatives in the House are solid 2A.

    McMurray is viewed as a delusional Democrat Socialist whackjob who has some support in the wards of the City of Buffalo; little in the areas outside the City. He is expected to lose to the anointed and well funded Kennedy.

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