Today’s manure storm comes courtesy of the NY Post and its front page pic:

An Aggressive Panhandler attacked a rider and tossed him into the tracks as the train was coming. A NY Post Freelance photographer started to shoot his cam activating the flash trying to get the attention of the conductor and have him stop; it did not work. Among the pictures taken was the one that made it to the front page today.

When I saw the photo, my first reaction was “I hope they caught the bastard and thrown him in jail till he rots or asks to be thrown to the tracks.” but apparently it has been the photo and not the action that is creating quite the controversy. It appears that even though there is no gore or blood doing a Pollock over the platform, people are just horrified that the Post would publish such a “ghoulish” image. Ladies and gents, would please kindly remove your heads from the sand and face the ugly reality that is life?

I wonder how many of those horrified by the still are fans of shows like “America’s Funniest Videos” or The World Dumbest (pick of the week)” and just because there is a laugh track on the background they feel the videos are not ghoulish or nasty or cruel. A skateboarder missing a jump and breaking bones is hilarious because the producers of the show say so and some dumb ass former TV star makes a stupid commentary so it is OK to watch. The NY Post publishes the graphic fact that evil is around us ready to strike and kill and almost everybody wet their ladyparts.

Life is not Disney World. If you cannot understand that, you will suffer accordingly.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “NY Post Front Page Photo: A lesson to be learned but got lost.”
  1. The photographer appears to be close to the victim. Is it possible he should have and possibly could have made more of an attempt to rescue the individual who makes his money by selling photo’s to the NY Post? Are the pictures advancing towards the victim as he was actuating his flash on the camera? One does wonder, doesn’t one?

    1. I read elsewhere that the photographer tried to help the victim up but that he was too heavy. I imagine it is difficult to lift someone up when you’re busy taking pictures at the same time.

  2. At the speed the trains move, the photog would have been injured if he even had a chance to get there in time, which I doubt. And they don’t stop on a dime either.

  3. NY, where guns need safety’s but trains don’t…..

    Coalition to stop train violence?

    Think of the children!

    When subways have no safety, the only safety in no subway!

    High capacity people carriers server no purpose, they should be limited to 10 passengers!

    I could go on and on.

    Too sad about that man though. And what of the conductor who could not stop in time, he will have that to bear the rest of his life.

    1. It has ALWAYS disturbed me that there are basically fences or guardrails between the platform and the train, especially given how close people usually get to the train. ESPECIALLY how often trains are used as suicide or murder tools in movies and anime. “OH, the characters are waiting on a train platform. Taking bets on who ends up on the tracks!”

      A couple of years ago, my family went to an airport that had a tram system to help take people from gate to gate more quickly. The trams were entirely closed in, like a sideways elevator that only goes around a loop in one direction, but it seems simple to at least put up some railings and gates like on station platforms for a roller coaster.

    1. I hope they arrested that panhandler and tossed his worthless ass onto the tracks.
      There, fixed it for ya. 🙂

  4. Read earlier today that there was 22 seconds between the guy falling on the tracks and him getting crushed. Don’t know how true that is but if it is even remotely so it is terrible. That is well more than enough time for two people to haul him out of harms way. I am think that’s the worst part. This guy died because no one helped. I hope thats not the case.

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