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9 thoughts on “NYPD Body Positive Officer”
  1. THATS the one you want chasing ya after you commit yer nefarious deed…. you could ride a turtle and be 200 yards ahead… “diversity”…

  2. Hey don’t be so mean to Officer Sandbag!

    I’ll stand behind Sandbag any day.

  3. I don’t understand this. I have a number of acquaintances in law enforcement in my community. Their PT requirements are real, though age-adjusted. The requirements are very practical — involving physical tasks that an officer might have to deal with, like carrying a wounded officer from danger or an unconscious subject from a fire. There’s no way a person like that could pass the physical here. Where I live, chasing people is a very small part of the work, but it is nonetheless fairly physical on an intermittent basis.

    1. NYC is a different world.
      At one point, in order to become a NYC Firefighter, you had to be able to carry a 75 pound dead weight up a ladder, I think to the second floor, possibly 3rd, and back down. Not enough women applicants were capable of doing that, so they changed the requirement to get more female firefighters.
      But, then had to hire on even more men firefighters because saving people was more important than looking diverse.

      1. I keep wondering about firefighter standards, because it seems most of the time I see a firefighter on the nightly news he’s a fat guy. And yes, I know turnout gear is bulky, I’ve adjusted for that.

        1. That could be the captain, or some field coordinator that holds no responsibility for entering a building or carrying a victim down a ladder. The gear is more for show than for use.
          As a general rule, when I see the local firefighters they are pretty fit. Their administration, that’s a different story.

  4. In order to get a ‘Red Card’ for wildland fire fighting, there were several physical tests that have to be successfully completed.

    Plus, unless they’ve changed a few things in the years since I messed with it, there also was a requirement of a minimum pulse recovery time after strenuous activity. (I may be mis-remembering that, but I know they checked pulses at some point in the testing process..)

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