According to his own website, Steven William Thrasher is “a Contributing Editor at BuzzFeed, ,  [sic] is the 2012 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association’s Journalist of the Year. 

He also recently completed a Ph.D. in some sort of progressive horseshit at NYU.

This was part of his speech:

This is clearly a person who has never been challenged to think critically on a single idea that he has or position that he holds.

In just over a minute and a half, he says that he is for “radical love” and fighting, among other things, antisemitism, while at the same time calling Israel an apartheid state and praising BDS and the Students for Justice in Palestine, which traffic in the most intense conspiratorial Jew-hatred.

There are so many contradictory ideas in his head, all based on Progressive platitudes.  It is evident he has never been forced to reconcile any of them.

That is the legacy of NYU.  Filling students heads with nonsensical garbage and never demanding that they think through anything logically.

At least this asshole did one good thing, prove to the world that an NYU degree is bullshit.  Another once great university down the shitter, done in by progressives.

This is why Bernie and his ilk want free universal college for all.  So they can turn every person in America into a jabbering idiot without a single congruous thought.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “NYU graduation speaker demonstrates that a NYU degree is worth sh*t”
  1. Note that Bernie and his ilk want free public university. Not stated so clearly but hiding in there is the goal to drive private schools out of business.

  2. AOC is prima facie evidence for the de-accreditation of the BU School of Economics. Why should NYU be any different?

  3. Other than being a stringer (I think thats what a “contributing editor” used to be called) for Buzz(ed)Feed or a guest commentator on MSNBS I don’t know what Dr. Thrasher is going to do to earn a living or pay off his school loans. I’m sure an NYU PhD doesn’t come cheap.

    I wonder how long it will take before these idiots figure out that when someone else is paying for their “Free” college the ones paying the tab get to determine who goes to what college or trade school, what course of study you undertake, and who gets to clean out the stables at the commissars Dacha.

  4. With apologies to Professor Kingsfield:

    “You come in here with a skull full of mush, and, if you survive, you’ll leave here with a skull full of manure.”

  5. And…. that is why I wet myself laughing when I hear hyphenated-American studies majors talk about how their degree taught them critical thinking skills.

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