Yup, the meme is accurate.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Of course they are, they would be stupid not to”
  1. Who gives one single fuck what the Russians think of us? Or ISIS? Or any of our enemies? Fuck ’em.

    If you find yourself being concerned about what perceptions our mother fucking enemies have of us, then I think it’s time to assess your politics and your goddamn loyalties. Goddamn it. So fucking tired of this shit.

    1. Thing is, if the world thinks you’re an utter wuss, they take advantage.

      And if the leaders are utter wusses, they tend to do the wrong thing. They won’t be tough early on, when things are easy, and make other leaders reconsider their course of action.

      Then, they’ll over compensate because they look weak, and commit us to something that they have no intention of finishing. Usually by sending troops to some 3rd world shitehole, then saddling them with over restrictive ROE’s for years and years of blood and quagmire.

      Isolationism only works if everyone thinks you’re tough enough to avoid.

    1. Ru Paul has *GOT* to hate that kind of weirdo.

      Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a bad guy from the Fallout games?

  2. What is even more alarming than his sartorial faux pas, is that he has a very weak resume, incompatible with the position of nuclear regulator.

    1. You mean, like every other affirmative action Biden administration official? I don’t think it’s any weaker than, say, Harris or Granholm or Buttigieg.

      1. Have relatives who lived / still live near Chernobil.
        Have degrees in Physics.
        Do not want to be on the same continent when the next nuclear disaster happens due to incompetence.

  3. A,
    Weak men/women/whatever are very pliable, will never stand up for themselves much less a principle, and are prone to follow the Concensus. Just what F. Joe Biden’s puppeteers want in a Federal Government. They do not want Good Government; they want a government that is good for them, their investments, their accumulation of power, and their deviant behaviors. Weak people in a weakly led government is good for their personal predilections.

    1. 1) One can walk in tar and feathers for all I care if one does ones job well.

      2) I knew just by looking at the pictures that the resume would be weak: serious technical people do not usually have time for silly dress up play

      3) I visited relatives in Pripyat (Припять) soon after Chernobil blew up. Good example of what combination of incompetence and nuclear energy could do. There are positions in government where hiring incompetents is suicidal for the country. Yes, Brandon and his puppeteers appear to want USA to Epstein itself

      4) FJB

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