Perhaps you may have seen the last text that Lance Cpl. Squire Wells sent to his girlfriend before being murdered in a islamic terrorist attack by Pedophile Worshiper Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. It is heartbreaking.

But the fucking vultures at Moms Demand could not keep their filthy claws away from the corpse, no sir. They had to drag their nail deep and pretend they fucking care all of the sudden and if people only would pay attention to their “common sense” ideas on Gun Control, none of this would happen.

Moms Demand Lance Cpl Squire Wells

The ban on military personnel carrying firearms go back to the Nixon era, specifically 1969 (I guess they were afraid that some draftee would shoot the shit out of a Drill Sargent) and reinforced during the G.H. Bush (No NRA Friend) and the Clinton Administrations. So, a subset of people who Moms Demand and the rest of the asshole cronies claim are the only ones trained enough to be allowed to carry guns, are in fact disarmed and they never had an issue with it and apparently still do not as we have not heard any of the fucking Gun Control hypocrites demanding that the ban be lifted.

Recruiting Stations and Reserve Centers are Federal properties or considered to be under the mantle of the Federal Government, that makes them Gun Free Zones, something that morons Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg endorse with all their mighty faith because they are magical places where bad guys do not go in, bullets do not fly and guns explode the moment they cross the invisible line denoting the enchanted force field.

Unfortunately, Life has a way to grab a big stinking pile of dog shit and rub it into reality. The “awesome” experiment of individual disarmament and allegedly “protected zones” keeps failing miserably. Four brave Marines paid with their lives for the masturbatory ideas of a few Intelligentsia assholes that will insist their solution works if only they can pass one more law and the Gun People stop being backwards and compromise. They are so right (according to them) that they are willing to get you killed to prove their point.

But why I am taking this case so personal? There has been other shootings in other Gun Free Zones, right? It is because I don’t see a clear solution for this Federal Gun Free/Disarmament madness. In the civilian side, we mostly fight at state level, some federal and engage in a war of attrition against a powerful enemy. Although we have suffered defeats, we have been winning more and more, even turning the tide as how the average person sees guns and the Second Amendment.  Now you tell me, How the fuck Am I to protect those who sworn to protect us all from Foreign Enemies when we have political Domestic ones painting big ass bulls-eyes on their backs?

I know the military is ruled under a different set of laws and regulations than the civilians, but even they have some similar basic rights even under the UCMJ. How can we ask these people to go out and get themselves killed in action when they are not even allowed to defend their families in their homes if they happen to be using military housing? What kind of sadistic and insane bullshit is that?

I read some time ago in an article (I hope I could remember who wrote it for attribution) that a terrorist could expect more return fire from the local WalMart than from a military base. It is a crying shame, but that is the absolute truth.

So Moms Demand and assorted bloody harpies: Lay the fuck off. I am sure there will be plenty of bodies in the of Chicago this weekend in which you can tap dance around their blood.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Oh Hell No! Moms Demand: You don’t get to wave the bloody Marine shirt. (Language Warning)”
  1. The simple fact is that there is one law we could pass which would ensure this *never* happens again.

    That law? Allow military to carry sidearms while on base. At all times. MD[M]A is always talking about how civilians shouldn’t be given access to guns because we’re “untrained,” well there’s nobody with more firearm training than the army, if there’s anybody who *should* be allowed to carry while on duty, it’s them.

    The idea that our own soldiers should ever have to face an enemy unarmed is sick and wrong, and we need to put an end to it. Now.

    1. AFAIC, every single person involved in the creation and/or implementation of this insane policy should face charges of Accessory to Murder, Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy, or Depraved Negligence, if not flat-out Treason. But that would require adherence to the rule of law, which hasn’t been seen in America for quite some time.

  2. Just so that all the facts are out there –

    Military personnel living in base family housing are allowed to keep personal firearms in their housing. The rules and restrictions for transporting their personal firearms out of housing to off-base are quite restrictive but not prohibitive.

    So far (knock on wood, fingers crossed, spit in the Evil Eye) military personnel stateside have not been attacked in base housing. Unlike the rest of us, military personnel cannot protect themself once they kiss the family goodbye and head out the door.

    We are not asking for them to carry duty long guns, or even duty sidearms (although that’s not a bad idea on some levels) to create an armed standing army let loose on the streets. We’re asking that our service members have the same opportunity for personal self defense as does the rest of the population.

    stay safe.

      1. When I was in (more than a couple of weeks ago), we could and did have firearms in Housing, both on and off base. Yes, I had to register them with the Base Police, for what it is worth. The only time I had an issue was the night (early morning, about 0230) when I heard people downstairs. I responded with a .45, and was made aware of the fact that the intruders were the Base Police. . . They said that there was a screen down (we had just been through an evacuation for a hurricane), so they thought there might be an intruder. I was surprised to learn that they never checked to see if there were any guns registered. . .

        The rules are there, but they don’t always seem to work as designed.

  3. The military ban on service members carrying firearms persists (and likely will continue to) because the military promotion system has become so unforgiving that a commander’s career would be forfeit if even one of his troops had a negligent discharge. However, if several of that commander’s troops are massacred in cold blood by a terrorist, then that commander gives a solemn press conference, receives the sympathy of the nation, and his career moves on.

    It is the worst kind of cowardly leadership, but it is a fact that a commander risks more by arming his troops than by leaving them vulnerable. The system needs to change. Force protection over career protection.

  4. One of the things that stood out after this attack was that there seemed to be a public reaction along the lines of “what do you mean our Marines can’t carry on base??”. The Antis seemed to have been caught flat footed because it wasn’t until late yesterday that I saw them mount an active campaign to keep the military disarmed. I saw some twit this morning on “Fox and Friends” arguing, “all the experts say we should keep them gun free zones”. I was slack jawed. In the face of this attack and the likely prospect more are coming, they stand there and insist that if soldiers and marines are armed in an office, they’ll end up in a gunfight. With each other or with innocent civilians and not terrorists.

    It’s like the stupid “blood in the street” arguments you get whenever anyplace moves to improve gun freedoms. That never freaking happens

    1. Which goes into a core belief of the antis: guns are inherently evil, and emit a bad karma radiation that draws trouble. Thus, if you don’t have a gun, aren’t around guns, then it is unlikely that you’ll be hurt by guns.
      This is why guns in the hands of the law abiding is seen to be just as bad as guns in the hands of criminals.

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