Oh look, a penis, how original

I have covered Kaitlin Bennett here before.  She is the gun rights activist who had her pictured taken carrying an AR-10 on the Kent State campus and received all sorts of violent threats because of it.

Well, a recent Louisville grad decided to mock her by reproducing her picture but with… (you guessed it)… a dildo.

How original.

Since this graduate pulled out a sex toy on a college campus, she was hailed as a hero by HuffPo.

University Of Louisville Grad Satirizes Gun-Toting GraduationPic With Dildo

Haley Davis didn’t just leave the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s of science in criminal justice. She also left with some memorable graduation photos starring her clutching a dildo.

On Monday, the 21-year-old shared two snapshots of herself standing in front of her alma mater’s name with her arm raised, dildo in hand.

“Come and take it!!!” the now-viral post reads.

She’s a Criminal Justice major.  You’d think that someone who just spent four years leaning about criminal behavior would be more supportive of concealed carry and gun rights.

This picture is proof that the University of Louisville Criminal Justice program is a bunch of bullshit.

The photos of Davis posing with the sex toy, sans context, are humorous, but she told HuffPost that she took them to satirize another graduation photo from this year that also went viral.

Davis told HuffPost that she wasn’t “enraged” by Bennett’s post, but that she did think, “Dang, this girl takes things too seriously” and that “bringing an assault rifle to the campus is in poor taste.” Those thoughts led her to recreate the photos herself.

“Knowing I would be graduating soon, I wanted to make satire out of her very bold photos just to lighten it up a little bit. I think comedic relief is very valuable and can ease pain people may be feeling,” Davis said.

It wasn’t funny.  I was played out.

I haven’t posted about Cocks Not Glocks in a while because they haven’t been active in a while.  They barely manage to eek out a Tweet or Facebook post more than once a month.  I guess when all your predictions about campus mass shootings and doom and gloom don’t manifest themselves, it’s hard to keep the outrage going in perpetuity.

So Ms. Davis is just really late to a very boring party.

Davis says she has “mixed feelings” about gun control and doesn’t feel that she’s fully educated herself on the subject.

“But I personally would not feel comfortable arming myself with a gun,” she told HuffPost. “I also don’t believe it’s necessary for civilians to own assault rifles.”

Did I mention that she’s a Criminal Justice major?

Four years of study of crime and the law and she doesn’t know dick about gun control or its effectiveness?  This is a ringing endorsement of the University of Louisville if I’ve ever heard one.

And in typical fashion with people that know very little about a subject, she had to go public with her opinion on it.

As for why she chose a dildo to hold, Davis said: “As a feminist, I value sexual liberation and acceptance of sexuality. That, combined with my desire to provide comedic relief, is why I chose to pose with a dildo.”

Middle America is getting really tired of the far Left pulling out their sexual proclivities in public.  Just ask the LGBT community about how gay acceptance has gone down.  It’s in proportion to the number of men in leather bondage gear they see dancing on a giant penis float going past a playground during a pride parade.

Davis frequently tweets “comedic things involving sex toys,” she added.

As for what she’s up to now that school is over, Davis says she’s planning to take “a gap year to work a little bit before pursuing more education.” She says she wants “to pursue family law, but my mind could be changed.”

That’s the smartest thing this girl has ever done.  I think she realized partway through her interview that she came off sounding like someone who didn’t pay attention in her classes.

“I have a degree in criminal justice but I don’t know… anything about… crime statistics… or guns… so… I… uh… pulled out a dildo.”

Also, it might be hard to get hired as a lawyer when you are known as “the girl with the tattoos and nose ring who wet viral for waving a dildo around the University of Louisville. ”



12 Replies to “Oh look, a penis, how original”

  1. “She’s a Criminal Justice major. You’d think that someone who just spent four years leaning about criminal behavior would be more supportive of concealed carry and gun rights.”

    I was a criminal justice major. It has become a sister degree to sociology, where everything focuses on why people act the way they do, but in this case, why people commit crime. And like sociology, it’s a completely worthless degree. Also understand that the bulk of it relates to social justice. Being a white male, I was repeatedly browbeaten by black and feminist teachers about how awful an influence white males have wrought as police officers/law enforcement administrators. The programming was minorities didn’t really commit crimes, and if they did, it was because of white oppression.

    Most of the professors had no field experience. They got their Masters degree and immediately began teaching. Also remember, that putrid professor from NYC who made that remark about being happy to teach future dead cops was also a criminal justice professor.

    She wanted to be a lawyer? Probably not. And beyond being ill-equipped to work in any type of law enforcement, she is fresh out college with a progressive indoctrination. Her only saving grace is she seems relatively cute and has a nice body. Lots of cops are dogs and she could probably sleep her way into a department (I have an ex-girlfriend that did that).

    Sorry for my rant.

  2. Bless her little heart.

    Hope that dildo deters the next thug that tries to assault or rape her, but that will only work in whatever alternate reality of rainbow unicorn rainbow farts and unlimited toast avocado that progtards believe in.
    In real life, an armed (and likely pissed off) woman has a better chance of making a thug think twice about harming her than one holding out a pale plastic faux penis.

    1. That’s pretty much all social media is used for. Everyone wants to be famous for having no discernible talent or skill. Nobody wants to be themselves on social media. They post for validation, they post for 15 minutes of fame, they post whatever they can to avoid the glaring reality that they don’t like themselves. I cant remember where I heard it but someone called social media “a talent show for assholes” and that’s fairly accurate in my opinion.

  3. Earlier I was looking through her Twitter feed, it’s most of the usual liberal back and forth tripe. But at least one guy asked her “Have you ever used that dildo on yourself? If so, do you have a video?”

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