BREAKING: Biden to announce new Covid measures Tuesday as Omicron variant spikes across US

President Joe Biden will deliver a speech on Tuesday to announce new Covid measures to fight the rapidly-spreading Omicron variant.

It’s anticipated that he will go beyond his already revealed ‘Winter Plan’ and address booster shots, lockdowns and mask mandates.

The spread of the variant, which appears highly transmissible and able to evade immune response from vaccination or prior infection, has already pushed Europe to the brink of new lockdowns.

Omicron appears to also be the least dangerous mutation, so despite infections being up, hospitalizations and deaths are down.

The point is everything about the Biden Administration is failing.  The BBB Plan is being tabled.  His approval rating is 60% negative.

So what does he have left?

To shut it all down, squeeze the nation’s balls, and blame the unvaccinated, i.e., non-compliant, for the troubles.

My hope is that most of America retorts with a collective “fuck you” and keep going on about our lives.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Oh(micron) shit, here we go again”
  1. Fuck Biden and everyone driving people crazy over all this! Up to two years ago, Covid (AKA the Wuhan flu) was simply called the “flu”, and Omicron was called a “cold”…

  2. Hope they get smacked in the cock again by the courts.

    How much you want to bet it is going to involve something so they can rig the midterms?

  3. I don’t think this is going to go as well as Joe thinks it’s going to go. Even here in New York, many people and businesses are completely ignoring the mask mandate. Even most liberals are sick of this shit. The best Joe could do is get insane liberal governors on board with lockdowns, but most of the country is going to tell him to pound salt. How much lower can his approval rating go? Outside of NYC and Scat Francisco, heavy handed Australian style authoritarianism won’t work.

  4. Popping popcorn waiting for the fireworks after Jan 1st when they make the vax mandatory for children. Government mandated child abuse should go over well.

  5. Per the NIH research paper on SARS-Cov2 this is typical coronavirus evolution. Over time mutations become more infectious but less dangerous so more cases but fewer fatalities. HT to McThag for digging it up.

  6. Little Red 1,

    The Airline CEOs testified before Congress last week and said the masks are useless in their airliners and the ventilation filters out the virus very effectively.

    I think the key issue is whether they pull in enough fresh cabin air, because diverting fresh “bleed” air from the jet engine compressors does reduce the efficiency of the engines, and the jet’s “mileage.”

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