For over a year, we have been subjected to the “If George Zimmerman had stayed in the truck, nothing would have happened so he is guilty.”  But now we are being treated to this:

CSGV Truck“Tyrone Pierson told police he was walking down South West 3rd Street with two friends when Jacobs drove by in his SUV.  Pierson yelled at Jacobs to slow down and an argument followed. Pierson claims Jacobs got out of the SUV and chased him with a stick.
Police tell us that Jacobs was shot once in the face in a drive way.  Pierson told investigators he was actually running away when he fired that shot and he had no idea where he shot Jacobs.


So the victim did get out of the truck with a possible weapon….but somebody says the magical words Stand Your Ground and poof, he did not do anything wrong. Can the Antis please pick ONE version and stick with it? It is starting to look like they are lying or something! [snicker]

There is probably more to this than the initial reports. I noticed the picture that appeared in the CSGV link and it looked like the standard prison mugshot. And it appears that Julius Jerome Jacobs is not just a “40-year-old community choir director, came after Pierson and two other teens with a large stick following an argument” like the Huffington post made him out to be but somebody who served prison sentences twice for several felonies. This might end up just being a tiff among dopers or dealers but it makes for a good public relations item for some folks.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “OK People, Get Your **** Together and pick ONE.”
  1. Well they’re close to my advice, at least. In this case they’re transparently arguing that the man who was coming after the boy with a stick and obvious intentions to beat him to death with said stick should have been allowed to beat the kid to death with the stick.

    They’re consistent. They always argue that it would be better for someone to be brutally raped or murdered and the assailant to go free than for the victim to be able to defend himself by any means.

    Now if they’d actually start doing the assaults themselves instead of through 3rd parties, then we could get some progress here.

  2. So who are they rooting for here? Their article doesn’t really say, since they don’t use the typical “violent murder” descriptions and “angelic young teen” to let everyone know who to cheer for.

    Whether the kid was right to act in self defense….what’s the legal age to own/carry a gun in Florida? I thought it was 21. And running away, shooting over his shoulder. Isn’t that the same as firing randomly in the air? Two points that should land this kid in jail, regardless of whether the shooting was justified. They just don’t get to tack manslaughter on to the list of charges.

  3. …killed choir director holding a stick…

    Wow, just wow, they sure know how to torture the truth. The deceased was shot while swinging the stick at the victim and just after conducting a drug deal. Cocaine and marijuana was found in his vehicle and in his pocket. The comments over at the Cult’s page are amazing. Apparently only two of their followers read the story. One assumes that the 17-year-old was driving, and the rest assume that Pierson is white and just got away with killing a black man.

    1. I just read the comments…. I love those who are moving out of Florida to California and NY because of SYG… Just don’t tell them that both states have the same law!

      1. Other little known facts, CA law allows for a victim to pursue an attacker and NY law allows for a robbery victim to kill the robber in order to retrieve his property, but yeah, FL is evil.

        1. “NY law allows for a robbery victim to kill the robber in order to retrieve his property”

          Can’t be true — there are still living tax collectors in NY.

      2. I dare say Florida will be better off without those people. I cannot imagine LEAVING a place because it respects your right/duty to defend yourself!

      3. Praytell how could we get that to work in Colorado? California is invading us en-masse, and has been for quite some time now.

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