I had not been out of the house for maybe 10 day. Nothing unusual. Between my back and me being an ornery SOB working at home, I have no business out there.

I had to do a semi urgent visit so I finally got out. You can tell by the traffic that there is less people on the streets, but there are still too many screwing around.  Lots of restaurants with the PICK UP ONLY signs out front which I like, but I am not clear about the bunch of people at the Best Buy.

Drive Thru testing site. C B Smith Park. Broward County. They were taking First Responders

After the chore, I went over Publix to buy powdered milk they said they had (Liars) and instead I got Parmalat’s Milk in a Box which lasts till March next year. It is not the best tasting milk out there, but it will do it in a pinch for the coffee.

I did get the stink out on a regular basis in the store. I was the only one without face mask or gloves. Mind you, I was also the only one observing the darned 6 feet and carrying disinfectant wipes for when I got back to my truck.

Here is the hilarious thing: A lot of the stink-eye people were doing a Michael Jackson:

One glove. Kid-You-Not.

They would pick up the item from the shelf and place it in the cart with the gloved hand. The bare hand would be pushing the (Disinfected? Yeah right) cart and maybe move items inside the car if they needed more space.  HUH? That is not how it works!

There was only one person with both gloved that I saw but not wearing a mask. And nobody respected the 6 feet rule.  I started using the shopping cart as distancing tool.  I do believe we are going to do more Public Awareness on these things.  And if you really do not need to go out, please don’t. Amazing how many stores deliver nowadays.

I will have to shave my beard at one point even though I don’t have a N95 mask or anything like that. My wife has one reusable with microbiological countermeasures plus gloves, but she is the one that goes out. I wish this future would not come, but I know better and Reality mainlines Karma if you are not prepared.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “OK People. Time to hunker down.”
  1. We are doing an outing today for meds and to dump trash at the dump.

    The town is no longer doing recycling which use to be mandatory.

    When we do grocery shopping my lady does the one glove thing but with the following procedures in place, and she will be using a P100 mask the next time she’s in.

    1) Sanitize as we enter the truck from the house. Both her and I.
    2) She goes in, I stay with the truck. There have been a few break-ins even in our rural area
    3) She uses our sanitizer on the cart prior that has already been sanitized by the store staff.
    4) She puts on one glove, bright orange. This is her hand for handling all goods. She doesn’t touch the cart with this hand. AND it never touches her face. It is that reminder that is important for us.
    5) She does checkout using that gloved hand to move goods from cart to belt.
    6) Staff uses gloves per person to load bags which go back into the cart.
    (Risk of transfer, good from shelf was contaminated, contaminated a part of the cart, now is contaminating the outside of the bag and the goods that are in the bag with it.)
    7) We load the truck (We have a plastic bin that is used only for groceries) using gloved hands.
    8) We discard gloves into trash.
    9) Enter truck and sanitize hands
    10) At the house we unload with fresh gloved hands. All shelf stable goods are put in “decontamination area” for 24 hours.
    11) Fresh food is washed and the put in the fridge. We’re told that there is no evidence of transmission via food *at this time*
    12) Plastic tube is sanitized.
    13) Everybody that did anything sanitizes. Lady ditches clothing and takes a shower to sanitize.

  2. As far as shaving goes, for once I’m happy about something OSHA has done. Last year they changed the silica dust standard and that required all of our labs (highway construction) to use respiratory protection. Because of that we have a hand full of PAPRs at work, so if necessary I’ll just grab one of them.

    Of course, it also helps that I’m not in one of those high population density states.

  3. I’m retired and usually hibernate through the winter (icy parking lots and sidewalks really suck when you’re mobility challenged) any way, so as long as Instacart delivers groceries, and Grub Hub and Door Dash delivers restaurant food for variety, I’m good to go. Yeah, it does help to live in a low population density, area.

  4. Reasons 958,134 and 958,135 why people think poorly of most NYC residents:



    Diseased irresponsible selfish NYC dbags swarming in are likely the reason why Florida’s Wuhan chicom virus cases increased by almost 3000 cases in less than 3 days.


  5. Best Buy has had a buy-online, pick-up-at-store system for years. I can see them keeping it going, if allowed to remain open at all.

    1. And I expect a lot of people are in the process of upgrading their ability to work from home – larger monitors, an improved desktop computer, perhaps a small camera for Zoom/WebEx, etc.

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