Rules for thee, not for me: Lockdown-queen Jacinda Ardern will travel 9,100 miles to give Harvard’s coveted graduation speech in May – but Americans will have to wait till JULY to enter her hermit kingdom

Ardern, 41, will travel 9,100 miles from the Kiwi capital of Wellington to Massachusetts to speak at the prestigious Commencement on May 26, while Americans and other tourists remain barred from her island nation until July.

Her tough lockdown has undoubtedly saved many lives – the country has only seen 53 deaths in total from COVID – but now, with 94 percent of over 12s vaccinated, New Zealanders are anxious to return to the world.

Their prime minister will travel to the United States two months before Americans can visit her country, having infuriated many New Zealanders by banning them from returning home for more than two years under her draconian restrictions.

Prime Minister Ardern is one of the most respected leaders on the world stage and we are delighted she will join us in May to celebrate the Class of 2022,’ said Harvard President Larry Bacow.

‘From climate change and gender equality to COVID-19, she has modeled compassionate leadership that has brought together empathy and science-based solutions to address the most challenging issues of our time.

‘I very much look forward to her address.’

The nature of totalitarian dictators have changed.

We were used to the dictators of the 20th century, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.

Men who had been in war.  Hard men who war pressed military uniforms and commanded with firey speeches.

Today’s dictators are soft handed.  They never fought in war and look like they would consider a day without staffers and servants “roughing it.”

They speak in the soft language of political correctness, about feelings, compassion, and not offending anyone.

But make no mistake, they are just as dictatorial as their predecessors.

Society didn’t take them seriously because they seemed so soft and nice.

Ardern locked New Zealand down tighter than any other Western nation.  New Zealand made Canada and Australia look like Florida.

She locked the entire country down on hard lockdown over one case.  People were forbidden to leave their homes for all but a few acceptable reasons because ONE PERSON was diagnosed with COVID.

That’s why Harvard wants to recognize her.  She was the most Progressive fascist among a host of Progressive fascists and they want to honor her Progressive fascism.

And as the most Progressive fascist her hypocrisy has to be the most over-the-top.

With her out of the country, New Zealand truckers should blockade every runway and landing strip in the country.  Stop her from returning. Lock the country down. And sympathetic trucks in America need to blockade Harvard.

Canada has shown us the way.  There needs to be pushback against these Progressive fascists.


Just a taste of New Zealand’s Progressive fascism.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Okay New Zealand truckers, do your worst – Update”
    1. Not only that, but the Harvard president went on to say, “…she has modeled compassionate leadership…” It must be opposites day. Compassionate is about the last word I’d use for her.

  1. Kim Jong Arden…
    Not only are US tourist cut out, but Kiwis still can’t get in. They have to put their names in a lottery for an available 2 week hotel quarantine room, and availability is almost nil.

  2. She should be prohibited from re-entering New Zealand for as long as she’s been keeping NZ citizens out.

    If that means she’s unable to campaign for her re-election, or that she’s gone long enough that her opponent successfully presses the courts to declare her ineligible for the position because she has set up residency elsewhere, so much the better.

    She made the rules. She should be forced to live by them. Actions have consequences.

    That’s two of the most consistent traits of these little authoritarian tyrants. They expect to impose rules on everyone else but be exempted themselves, and they expect to not face any consequences for their actions. The people need to find ways to prove them wrong on both counts.

      1. Nah, I wouldn’t want her to have the chance to luck out (or have some underling pull strings) and be allowed back quickly.

        I propose she be prohibited from returning for a time equal to the longest wait produced by the lottery system, plus one day. If nobody knows how long that is and we won’t find out until the system is shut down, oh well. *shrug*

        Rule of thumb for good leadership: Don’t create a system you’re not willing to live under yourself.

          1. With respect, you are incorrect. I assume nothing. Rather, I am asserting that “good leadership” requires leaders to live under the systems they create, same as everyone else; and that because Jacinta Arden is expecting the rules won’t apply to her, she may be a leader, but she is not a good one. 🙂

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