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SENTINEL — A Sentinel man confessed that he used another person’s name to make a bomb threat because he was angry at that man, a state investigator reported in a court affidavit filed Thursday.The threat led to the town’s police chief being shot while investigating the call.

James Edward Holly, 27, was charged Wednesday with making a telephone bomb threat. He was being held Thursday at the Washita County jail. His bond on the felony charge was $100,000.

via Court document reveals more about Sentinel, OK, bomb threat | News OK.

This dumb bastard almost got a police officer killed because he was angry at Dallas Horton?  And probably will be found out it was a dumb reason to be angry to boot.

Mr. Holly’s Facebook page does not reveal much, but he had Dallas Horton as friend.

I guess we will be finding out more later. I wonder if he will be charged with something else related to the shooting besides filing a false police report.

Super Hat Tip to Mark S. for the wake up on this one.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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11 thoughts on “Oklahoma Scumbag SWATter arrested.”
  1. Glad they caught this idiot. It will be interesting to see what they do to him. He got a cop shot through a deliberately illegal activity – I bet they’ll try to charge him with a felony against a police officer…

  2. If you’re found guilty of a SWATting and the SWATting in question caused injury or death, you should be charged with that injury or death as though you caused it yourself.

    In short, this guy should be charged with murder and left to swing.

    1. “The intent follows the bullet”

      The fact that he arranged for someone else to fore the bullet should be irrelevant.

      Any reasonable person could have guessed that a shooting was likely to occur, given the circumstances *he* deliberately created. Therefore, it was morally his shots that hit the cop.

  3. Really should get attempted homicide. He committed an act knowing it placed people in danger of losing their lives.

        1. Right case, I missed the “nearly” in the part where the police chief was nearly killed.

          Attempted murder it is. I still think he should be charged with a hate crime.(white man attempted murder of a black police chief)

          1. Nope.

            1. “Hate crimes” are an insidious legal path. While I have no problems with (informally) identifying a hate crime as such, the reason I don’t like then as legal definitions is that, generally speaking, killing or injuring people is generally already illegal, and I pretty much assume most murderers don’t like their victims – that’s why they’re the victim.

            2. Even if you accept “hate crimes” as valid legal artifacts, they require a specific intent to kill someone for (believed, at least) membership in a particular protected group. He didn’t know who was going to get shot, despite the fact I firmly believe he *hoped* someone would get shot. Since the most likely person to get shot would have been the SWATting victim Horton anyway, that’s who any specific intent would be directed at – and did he hate Horton for belonging to a specifically protected group under the hate crime definition?

            What he did was effectively shoot several shots at Horton, miss, and hit the cop.

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