In case you missed it, Neil Young’s music is no longer available on the internet music streaming service Spotify.

In a nutshell, Neil Young vastly overestimated his worth and told Spotify that they either drop Joe Rogan’s podcast because he has been pushing COVID misinformation or he (Young) pulls his music from Spotify.

The CEO looked at the numbers.

Joe Rogan draws about 11 million listeners per episode, with some episodes reaching as high as 40 million listeners.

Neil Young gets about 6 million listeners in a month.

At which point the CEO of Spotify told that old, irrelevant hippie to go fuck himself.

Spotify man don’t need him around, anyhow.

Neil Young pulled his music and the reaction from most people was: “Neil Young is still alive?”

Neil Young then floundered that the CEO of Spotify would call his bluff, and in doing so became a magnet of other old, irrelevant Leftists.

Howard Stern.

The famous “King of All Media.”  The shock jock who made his name testing the limits of the First Amendment on the airwaves.

Turns out he’s a 68 year old pussy who’s afraid of the air and will lick the boot to uphold the Coof security theater.

Turns out that for all the porn stars he’s interviewed, his favorite is Anthony Fauci and his brand of fear porn.

But of course Howard Stern would end his career the way Neil Young and so many other old Leftists would, as mouthpieces for state enforcement.

Making millions from a career of “fight the man” wasn’t about principles but money.

Now that they are old and rich they want the man to protect them from the Coof.

And for Howard Stern, there is delicious irony on this.

He’s been rendered irrelevant and obsolete by guys like Rogan.

Stern was the “King of All Media” when “all media” was FCC licensed broadcast corporations and he still had to play by their rules.

In the world of podcasts, 4G/5G, and Bluetooth, anyone can listen to anything on any topic without restrictions.

Howard Stern is an irrelevant old Leftist on defending another irrelevant old Leftist, both trying to hang onto relevancy radically overestimating their value.

Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Old irrelevant Leftist defends another old irrelevant Leftist”
  1. Transcript of every Howard Stern show:

    Stern (to random porn star): “You have big tits. Take off your top- let’s see ’em”
    Stern: “Those look amazing.”

    Me: “Uh, this is radio. She is probably not even in the same room with him. This is lame. Let me find my Styx or Foreigner CD.”

    I never liked Stern’s show. I thought it was boring and stupid.

  2. I thought stern was a cretin, back when he actually had (maybe) two functioning brain cells. Now, he’s a dead man spewing the rotting stink of a corpse. FJB, stern and all like them.

  3. Never heard Stern on the radio.

    I remember the line in the movie, People that like Stern listen for an average of an hour, people that hated Stern listen for an average of 2 hours.

    Was this the model that CNN, MSNBC, and FOX adopted? Over the top hate.

  4. Howard & Neil are a lot like Springsteen, Hefner, Hunter Thompson, Marlon Brando, and Madonna- radically ahead of the avant-garde cultural curve at one point, almost suddenly irrelevant shortly after.

    True, they stick around for years, but it’s as a sort of sad relic, a caricature of what they one were.

  5. I used to listen to Stern back in the day when he was on radio and I commuted.

    He used to be funnier, and he had great interviews as well as music when bands came by. But he was always a germ phobic narcissistic yenta.

    When he went to Sirius, he lost me for the same reason I don’t have cable TV. I don’t listen enough, and can actually put a price on what it cost me per hour. Simply not worth it then, when iPods were out, and now with a smartphone.

    The worst was him giving Hillary a tongue bath. eesh…nattering like two old women.

  6. I think I heard Howard Stern once or twice on WPLJ and thought “so what” but by that point I had discovered punk rock and seen GG Allin live so nothing Stern could do would shock me. I think telling Neil Young “don’t let the door hit you on the way out ” was right for freedom of speech as well as money. Rogan is free to speak, Young is free to shut up.

  7. Even Crosby, Stills, & Nash didn’t need him around, anyhow.

    Nothing says “edgy” to New Yorkers like a Jewish guy who’ll say “fuck”.
    Next I’ll hear Lenny Bruce didn’t patent that schtick before Stern was born (and he did it much better).
    Most people (at least in the other 99% of the country) stopped thinking of that as hip and trendy round about 7th grade. In any generation.

    Stern was a caricature from the get-go.
    Now that he’s reached near-total irrelevance, he’s forgotten that his whole persona was a put-on, and he acts like it’s reality.
    He’s always been about the paycheck, and not Stickin’ It To The Man.
    It’s radio: all he’s done with his life is sell cereal and detergent.

    Neil Young has been smoking his own press releases from the 60s, and some of the LSD he spilled must’ve soaked into the paper.

    And Rogan is rolling on the ground stitched up with laughter at the two of them.

    The only way this gets funnier is if someone puts some vaseline on their walkers, and one of those two geriatric @$$holes breaks a hip.

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