On my previous political post, How Republicans win, reader Elrod posted this:

“The more Republicans do Republican things, the more Republicans win elections.”

Absolutely. Now all we need is actual Republicans, preferably with factory-installed large-diameter spines, to replace the fake Republicans we seem to be stuck with everywhere.

Let me explain where the spinelessness comes from.

Here’s the game.

Career politicians want to get rich.

You get rich through book deals, speaking fees, IPOs, lobbying gigs, board memberships, etc.

Those corporate boards, publishers, banks, the booking agencies for the speaking tours, are all controlled by the Left.

The country club boards and college admissions boards are owned by the Left.

If you want to cash out, you have to be nice to the Left.

If you want to get membership to the nice country club or have your kid admitted to the best college, you have to be nice to the Left.

Republicans that do Republican things don’t cash out nearly as much.

The advantage Trump had is that he already was a billionaire with his own country clubs.

He couldn’t be bribed.

The problem was that Trump could be flattered.

If you want a Republican who will be a Republican, you need someone who isn’t susceptible to bribery or flattery.

That’s a hard man (or woman) to find.

My problem in politics is that I’m a raging fucking psychopath.

What I want is to punish my enemies.

I don’t want a mansion and millions, I want to drop JDAMs on hedgefund managers who outsource jobs to China.

They’ll never let me be President.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “On spineless Republicans”
  1. When you talk about politicians getting rich you left out the number one path to riches. Using knowledge they have from their unique position to profit. Meaning ILLEGAL INSIDER TRADING.

  2. I do not disagree with the assessment. I suggest that the solution is to reduce the control that the Left has over corporate boards, publishers, banks, the booking agencies for the speaking tours, country club boards and college admission boards.

    That cannot be accomplished by pandering to the Left, only by establishing the Right as just as powerful as the Left. That cannot be done with people who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to, first, resist Leftist encroachment and domination and, second, don’t have the desire to establish themselves and their fellow Americans as independent and deserving of the respect and power. Perpetual kowtowing to the Left instead of working to achive the same thing on the Right will result in perpetual kowtowing to the Left.

    Which is where we are now, and have been for a loooong time.

  3. my solution (which I know is a feeble dream) We the People ignore “politics “ and those in it. live our lives as before America was divided into neat little political groups… drill for oil everywhere, build factories to make shit, help Americans, remove non Americans. when We the People stop letting power hungry lunatics run our lives they will whither away..vote politics out of office, stop living like “they” are running our life. long hard road but America HAS to start showing politicians they don’t matter. luv me or hate me, just my humble opinion on what needs to b done.

  4. Been thinking about this some more.

    The Left is composed of herd animals; “belonging” is a particular strong mental feature among them so it drives them to self-associate with like minds (the “hive mind” concept from sci-fi comes to mind here, but it seems to be naturally occurring which make me think there are significant mental structure and operating differences between Leftists and non-Leftists, which seem to be ignored in constructing an approach to political issues).

    This mental structure that favors group associations is a factor in what the left accomplishes because it leads to creating political mass (E=MC2, so enough mass can overcome lack of velocity). Republicans, or those who call or consider themselves “Republicans” do not seem to have a corresponding mental structure that leads to creation of political mass; think a series of water drips (serial) versus the flow from a firehose (parallel). The total volume delivered over time may be roughly equal, but which is easier to ignore or resist?

    It seems to be a two-part problem: how to reduce, or negate, the effect of large political mass on the left – parallel delivery – and how to increase the effect of limited amounts of serially delivered mass on the Right. Money talks, enough money shouts. That’s a problem to be overcome, somehow.

  5. I’ll vote for you. Hell, I’ll volunteer for your campaign. Maybe even see if I could be VP to you being President.

    Campaign slogan could be, “Make them suffer”.

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