In my post, Do Trumpers want to lose, reader xrayboy left this comment:

How much do you think DeSantis would accomplish in the DC swamp versus Tallahassee. Comparing accomplishments in Florida to getting something done in DC is an apples to oranges thing.

I’ll answer.

Democrats don’t win elections, Republicans lose them.

People need motivation to vote Republican.

Hating the Democrat has been shown time and time again not to be a sufficient motivating factor.

Republicans in large numbers and independents do not go and vote for useless do-nothing Republicans.

When Republicans accomplish Republican victories, Republicans and independents vote for Republicans.

We’re fair weather fans, we support our team when we win.

DeSantis increased the size of the Republican majority in the Florida legislature and the number of Republican voters by getting victories.

The more Republicans do Republican things, the more Republicans win elections.

Trump had shit leadership in DC.

He was terrible at rallying legislators to his side.

DeSantis would have started weak, but if he could accomplish some victories, doing what he did in Florida, it would snowball into gaining a majority in the legislature and accomplishing more things.

Trump was a boss but DeSantis is a true political leader, and that difference is why I think DeSantis would have been much more politically effective than Trump.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “How Republicans win”
  1. I agree with most of what you say J.Kb. but would add that Trump was never a politician and could never be a politician because it would mean he’d have to stop being a billionaire property and business mogul, and that surely will never happen—-I am certain that if he could, he would have put “TRUMP” on the exterior of the White House.
    Independents, which in reality are a more conservative democrat than the A typical democrat, are the ones who vote against the candidate they hate the most. opting for the lesser of the two evils. They’d prefer a democrat in the White House but will go republican if the economy has worsened under the democrat in charge, and their 401K is in freefall.
    As far as Desantis having political ability at the national level as he has done at the state level, I believe the current level of corruption within the republican party at the national level is so great, and certainly the corruption of the opposition party is at unprecedented levels of corruption, combined with the legacy media’s corruption and being under the complete control of the leftist, that Desantis or even Reagan being resurrected from the dead, would not yield any real positives because the ability to lead the nation in its current state, in the opposite direction that it has been heading, is impossible.
    Desantis is where he belongs now, which is just to the north of where I live. It’s good to have him home, we’ve got a war to prepare for.

  2. You did not answer the question. “DeSantis is a true political leader” means very little when half of the legislature and the entirety of the swamp have the stated goal of destroying western civilization in general, and the USA specifically.
    Will Trump stop this from happening with his 2nd term, now that he knows what he’s really up against? Not likely. But I think he can slow it down.
    DeSantis? He’s far too weak, meek and squishy to do anything other than be steamrolled.
    In a normal world, I would have rooted for him myself. Unfortunately, that world no longer exists.

  3. “The more Republicans do Republican things, the more Republicans win elections.”

    Absolutely. Now all we need is actual Republicans, preferably with factory-installed large-diameter spines, to replace the fake Republicans we seem to be stuck with everywhere.

  4. You still didn’t answer.. how would DeSantis accomplish anything in DC when Trump couldn’t.
    DC is most definitely NOT Tallahassee. Of course the obvious answer is he would almost certainly have no better luck than Trump, perhaps less luck. An effective governor is no guarantee of an effective presidency.

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