The expected moaning and groaning has already risen to full pitch.

Name is blocked because she is a FB friend and a competitive shooter.  Yes, I make exceptions.

The clip from Youtube is spectacular in showing the callousness of some of these activists.

Pro Life activists lost all the ground they fought for because they allowed the nutcases to represent them. It has not been one or two crazy incidents, but a generation full of small things (directly related or not to abortion or not) that little by little eroded any righteousness the movement had and turned it into a mass-murder enterprise (both commercial and political)

The pendulum of politics always swings fully the other way if not policed.  I believe the rank and file Pro Life either did not care anymore about it because they felt safe or because they were afraid to be tagged as the enemy if they raised concerns about how far into criminal idiocy the new breed of Abortionists was taking the movement.

The Piper just issued a bill and it is collecting.


PS: The leak may have been overblown and edited for impact rather than truth. But it does still serve as warning.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “On the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade.”
  1. “Our body is no longer our own” is not the most insane take I’ve heard, but it’s also not based in reality. These people will just have to travel to California or New York if they wish to kill their fetus.

    Also, I’m seeing a lot of defeatism from people in the gun community over this, as in “this is horrible, as it will galvanize the left to vote and we’ll lose the midterms”. This type of attitude is pitiful and is why the left has made so much progress over the years. When you won’t fight back because you fear those who hate you, you’ll never win.

    1. The defeatism is amazing — and it explains why so many Republican politicians seem spineless: they take after their voters.

      Take the victory. Figure out how to secure it. Celebrate it, in ways that reach out to potential allies. Stop ceding ground, stop imagining the left are omnipotent Machiavellis who can turn any setback into victory.

  2. Many of us remember when abortion was first legalized and Planned Parenthood said it should be safe, legal, and RARE. Now it would seem to be only legal. The pendulum has swung so far left as to make the whole thing unrecognizable.

    1. I recall recent stories about the left trying to legalize “perinatal abortions” — infanticide. If that crap can’t be used to defend this decision politically, nothing can.

      1. Maryland attempted to legalize perinatal abortion, but my understanding is that it failed to pass (for now). California is on the cusp of legalizing it, and almost certainly will.

        There is no grey area. These leftists are sick and evil. If Roe v. Wade is in fact overturned, I expect a rapid deterioration of what remains of the relationship between the two sides in America.

  3. Imagine the uproar when a challenge to the federal marijuana ban results in Wickard v. Filburn being overturned… and the “legal” basis for most of the federal overreach suddenly going POOF!
    And, who knows… maybe the Court will someday revisit U.S. v. Miller with regard to a current-issue infantry weapon instead of a sawed-off shotgun.

    1. And maybe if U.S. v. Miller is revisited, plaintiffs and attorneys on the side of militia-suitable firearms will actually show up this time. IIRC, in the original case, Miller had died by the time it was heard, and lacking a living client his attorneys didn’t appear to argue the case.

    1. Well, “birthing people” can’t get abortions, because that prevents them from being “birthing people”.

  4. [Tinfoil hat firmly on]
    Welp, the timing is this latest DemonKKKrat-promoted brouhaha is very interesting and I’d expect to see more as the mid-term elections approach.
    [Tinfoil hat off,,, partially]

  5. It’s interesting how they talk about ‘my body my choice’ while at the same time force you to inject yourself with an experimental “vaccine” under threat of unemployment or literally breaking down your door and injecting you by force or putting you in concentration camps.

  6. Same people chanting “My Body, My Choice!” was just yesterday telling everyone to STFU and wear a mask. Miguel nailed it perfectly. All they had to do was not be bat-shit crazy and the status quo would have held. They can’t even do that.

    1. Because they’re never, ever satisfied. Just want to marry who we love…….nope…now we’re gonna pump your kids full of HRT because he had a dress on or she played in the dirt.

  7. Errata: “Pro life” is the side that opposes killing babies. The people you’re complaining about call themselves “Pro choice.”

  8. Roe was not very good law and decades of spineless Congress critters failed to legislate one way or another which would have spared us this insanity. If this is the actual thinking it could be good news for 2A since willingness to slaughter the sacred cow of Roe v Wade indicates a willingness to put teeth into Heller by ruling strongly in NYSRPA. Curbstomping may issue will cause massive screeching and open the door to attack GCA and NFA. It’s also likely to backfire at the midterms since 2021 has already shown an electorate pissed at the extremists.

  9. Pro Life activists lost all the ground they fought for because they allowed the nutcases to represent them.

    I think you mean, “Pro Choice activists”. The craziest Pro-Life activists would see all abortions banned and all conceived babies born, which isn’t all that crazy.

    It’s the “Pro-Choice” crowd pushing for “partial-birth abortions” (i.e. “aborting” a baby mid-delivery, since it’s technically not “born” until it’s all the way out) and “post-birth abortions” (i.e. “aborting” a live-born baby). Those people are nuts.

    1. What he said, us Pro-Life people are the ones AGAINST the industrial scale mass-murder of innocent babies.

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