The new weapon indexing rage: Temple.

Temple Index
Stolen from ENDO

I am trying to find the words to sound professional and courteous, but they are not forthcoming. So let’s go straight to it: It is stupid.  It will take one Negligent Discharge in real life to make people go “Well shit Batman, we could have researched this one a bit more, couldn’t we?”

Now, under fully controlled choreography in the range, we will see “proof” that indeed this indexing may have a proper and limited application, heck even in real life for some operators that are expecting contact any second from inside a vehicle, there might be an application for Temple Index. Then again Real Life is a chaos event, shit will go south and the idea of having a gun touching your head is not appealing to me one bit. For once, I doubt regular Joe and Jane will be wearing eye and ear protection and even a cap. Second: What comes out of a muzzle besides the bullet is a thing to consider. And there is the probability that the shooter will not keep muzzle as high as in the picture under stress or even 90 degrees in the vertical.

A couple of pics:

temple index
I think this is from the Crimson Trace invitational.

Temple Index 3

I reckon no explanations are needed on the by-products coming out of a muzzle.

If your commit a Negligent Discharge while keeping your gun close to your head, you are bound to get a nice dose of heated gases and propellant particles. And you will also get a dose of high decibels in the form of a big boom which will not help you keep a clear head or improve your hearing. Why do I know this? Experience.  Years ago when i was not even remotely close to know about guns, a friend and myself were screwing around and decided to have a picture taken with a gun pointed up in between our faces. As idiots, we never checked the gun, we never made sure it was unloaded and we were just plain unsafe. I was holding the gun so it is me who was responsible for going off (and still swear I don’t remember pulling the trigger) and we ended up getting a face full of the blast with accompanying “tan”, temporary hearing loss and unable to process what happened for about two-three minutes. The only saving grace was that in order to look cool for the pic, we had decided to wear gold-rimmed aviator Ray Bans so our eyes were spared of damage.

And I really don’t care how operator are you or what kind of celebratory name you have in the gun circles, gun safety is basic and must be enacted all the damned time. We keep telling each other that we always revert to the Basics, that they are fundamental and everything grows and develops out of the Basics. Well, it does not get any more basic than the safe manipulation of a firearm and purposefully placing the gun where it can hurt you if a Negligent Discharge happens might be considered a contradiction.

And I almost forgot: You know that somebody is gonna have the ND with a revolver.

Temple Index 4

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “On the Tactical Sabrina Index.”
  1. Reminds me of the scene in Raising Arizona where the cops chasing Nick Cage are holding their six-shooters way over their head pointing straight up.

    Then again what do I know – I still shoot Weaver and grip magwells with my support hand.

  2. I can only imagine that an ND in this situation would be like giving yourself a self induced flashbang.

    Even if you walk away uninjured, you’ve got to be disoriented (which is kind of problematic in a self defense situation, isn’t it?)

  3. I read an article advocating using this method in “dismounting a vehicle.” (Being a non-operator, I say “getting out of a car.”)
    Well, no.
    With the muzzle above your head, you’re almost guaranteed to catch the gun on the door frame and and either knock the gun out of your hand or pull your hand and gun backward over your shoulder (hope your partner is out of the way!). Especially since, if you’re right-handed and exiting out the driver’s side, the door frame is starting to curve downward to where it meets the A-pillar.
    Of course, as a non-operator, I would be “getting out of” a Honda. A real operator would be “dismounting” an MRAP, so never mind.

  4. On a relatively minor note (compared to blinding/injuring yourself anyway) it looks like that “ready” position severely limits your peripheral vision. I wonder how long this will last as a fad with all the “tier 0” training schools? At least is serves as a good warning flag not to attend there. Never trust a teacher who practices tactical derp. They may have some noteworthy skills, but they have little common sense, and the sense is more important than the skill.

  5. The evolution of TactiKewl derpes fads:

    1) an actual for realsies operator comes up with a technique that may be useful for certain limited circumstances.

    2) Gecko45 sees this, and proclaims this the “only way to use a gun because operator said so”.

    3) Eventual bad yootoobs video of technique, poorly executed by those who have no idea of how to do it properly, or even why the technique was introduced in the first place.

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