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7 thoughts on “On this guy’s choice in wives…”
  1. This has all the telltale signs of a liberal boy from the suburbs who got out from under his parents for the first time when he went off to university, then married the first woman he ever had sex with… and she’s an empowered feminist progressive socialist.

    He majored in mathematics or accounting or something, got a cubicle job as soon as he got his B.A., and she’s in the twelfth year of her two-year masters degree in Critical Queer Theory Social Work.

  2. Wow, just wow…more than a bit self-centered. This is the kind of discourteous and disrespectful crap that I’ve seen far too often from young women.

    “Why should I have to cover my body and tattoos, just to make someone is is likely DYING, comfortable for a brief visit?”

    Gee, honey, why should you wear CLOTHES is you’re an avowed nudist?
    Why should you have to refrain from smoking cigarettes everywhere you go?

    I’d dump her ass so fast…

  3. It is leftist laziness.

    This woman appears to think what she “is” has some value. That she is some kind of “victim” because her husband is asking her to respect the opinion of others. He is asking her to be non-confrontational.

    And, because she places so much value on what she “is” in her mind, he is diminishing her value if he asks her to cover up the tattoos to avoid confrontation.

    If she was focused on what she does, how she contributes, covering up her tats would not be a problem, because she would recognize they are not contributors to her overall worth.

    There is a reason why you don’t marry a woman because “she is so hot, you do not want anyone else to have her.” and instead you marry the woman that you have fantastic conversations with, and share values with. It avoids this crap.

  4. Tattoos on a woman are like spray painted graffiti on the Pantheon — cheap defacement on the already beautiful.

  5. The thing that gets me is the misogynistic bit. “Grandma has had intensely negative personal experiences with gangs and associates tattoos with them. Also she’s dying and we’d like to make her last days as pleasant as possible”. This is not a reasonable request, it means you hate women. Somehow.

    I hope this guy got a good prenup. I don’t see this marriage going well for him.

  6. My carcass collected more than a few tattoos from around the world during my Navy days. With one exception all of my in-laws are •very• Mormon. Keeping my ink covered the first few times we interacted was the courteous thing to do since I was, gee whiz, trying to make a good impression on them. I also got my ink on skin that’s usually covered by regular clothing anyway. My in-laws didn’t know I had tattoos until my shirt came untucked while I was helping with chores, by then it wasn’t an issue.
    I’m not anti-tattoo. I’m anti-stupid tattooing.

  7. Honey, Respect for others is a two way street.
    Respect for your elders and your loved one’s relatives for a few short hours trumps your self inflated personal sense of style.

    Dude, grab your kids and run away.

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