Trump was absolutely right to want to buy Greenland.

Those could have been America’s rare earths but now that money goes to the Kingdom of Denmark.

Fuck it, maybe now that valuable natural resources are found here we will invade Greenland.

I’d go just to watch our Leftist in uniform get eaten by polar bears.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Once again, Trump was right”
  1. Between this post and the one before it, I think you nailed it. See, if Trump had bought Greenland for the US, Gates, Bezos and Bloomberg wouldn’t have gotten their cut. “Their share” would have gone to a bunch of upstart startups…

  2. They don’t exactly say the mining is for rare earth metals, but it’s implied; ” rare natural resources for electric car batteries”

    America has a good supply of those and we used to mine them until the EPA regulations made it too expensive compared to what China would mine them for.

    Along Sierra Nevada range, I think. In California, which adds even more expense.

  3. I don’t think we would actually have to invade Greenland since we already have a larger military presence than the Danes.

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