It may be a bit macabre but he’s right.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “One comment spotted on Twitter about the Houston PD shootout”
  1. But Black lives matter, because the racist cops are just singling out black men for oppression because of racism and shit. We should defund them and send out counselors who will deescalate the situation. I’m sure that Deon was just a misunderstood youth who was poor because he is a victim of suppression from the priviledged white male patriarchy.

  2. The cops weren’t ready for it. Until China started shipping Glock Fun Switches straight to your door, the likelihood of even a hardened gangbanger having a machinegun was pretty much zero.

    I imagine that a lot of departments are going to be changing some training after this.

  3. OTOH, the home “defender” didn’t care about where his bullets landed. We responsible folks who don’t want to injure someone across the street need to be more careful.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Officer Johnson blind firing around the door frame also didn’t seem to care for bystanders even though he was advised of children in the house.

      Exigent exigencies are exigent, so I’d say it was somewhat understandable, but not much better, in this given situation.

  4. There is a very ilkustrative video of this of a dude stoppng dead in their tracks a swat team with a quick full auto burst from his illegally converted ar.

    I think it was on one of those police reality shows and was in hawaii. The dude was a drug dealer who was being raided. He literally said let my family out abd ill give up, i dont want you to kill them. They did and he gave up

  5. Then again, your average gang banger does almost zero training and practice. Aiming and hitting their intended target is more about luck than skill. And forget about handling recoil.

    The main reason cops were not killed left and right was because after the first shot, the gangbanger was probably pointing at the ceiling.

    1. Someone elsewhere pointed out that his own mother was standing outside the door, so, he really didn’t care about anything.

      And my main takeaway is that automatic gunfire inside the house is enough to trip the smoke alarms.

  6. It’s worth mentioning that two of the three well documented defensive uses of a registered automatic weapon involved a,gun dealer in Florida repelling a home invasion with a submachine gun. (same guy, same gun, different idiots).

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