I read Miguel’s post Dimmer v. Switch.


In it, there is this meme:

Larry sort of touched on this.

I’m not going to go into a long thing about how irregular forced, especially those familiar with the local terrain have bested, or at least caused significant casualties to, the best trained foreign invading militaries.

The incomplete list of that is the British in Afghanistan, the Soviets in Afghanistan, the US in Afghanistan, the French in Indochina, the US in Vietnam, etc.

Other authors have done marvelous jobs explaining how civilians with AR-15’s can stand a chance against an M1 Abrams or AH-64 Apache.

That is totally irrelevant, and the fact is the above meme is horseshit.

If Civil War 2.0 ever gets kicked off, I can all but guarantee that the US government isn’t going to have working tanks and helicopter gunships, or combat aircraft or drones or anything else like that.  Not in any significant quantities at least.

I work with a lot of veterans.

We have discussed memes like that before.

Here is the inside scoop that the Left does not understand at all.

At.  Fucking.  All.

The people I know who enlisted did so because they are patriots.

The idea of being ordered to attack American civilians to confiscate their guns is abhorrent to them.

Simply put, good luck getting these guys to follow the order from any petulant shit-ass President to march down Main Street of their home town to get them to detain their civilian friends and neighbors.

So what about the tanks and helicopters.

A buddy of mine is a former military helicopter maintenance tech.  He made it clear that if the US military were to use helicopter gunships on American civilians, he personally, and he knows many others like him who, would “sabotage the fuck out of” those aircraft.

Extrapolate that to every weapons system in our arsenal.

The think about every military armory.

Think about how much ammo, how many guns and grenades, mortars, and man-portable ordnance, would be carried out of every armory and magazine by US troops defecting because they are not going to shoot other Americans over some gun ban, or socialist wealth redistribution, or they didn’t give up their big block V8 after the passage of the Green Leap Forward.

The ranks of the US military will be depleted, and everything that isn’t stolen will be scuttled by them on the way out.

The reality is much more likely that American civilians will be patrolling the streets with AT4’s and M-249 SAWs taken from a Guard Armory l with the doors deliberately left open, than 1st Armored will be rolling through downtown Texas in tanks.

This is what Leftist statists do no understand about America.

They see China, Russia and the Soviet Union before that, Venezuela, and other tyrannical countries where the military is loyal to Dear Leader and has no problems oppressing the civilian population, and they assume the US military is just the same.

Except it’s not.

Our military swears “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same” and following the President’s orders comes along somewhere after that.

You go right ahead and tell a bunch of enlisted men from Iowa or Alabama or Texas that they have to force civilians in Middle America to give up their civil liberties.  See how far that goes.

What I worry about is Leftists in America employing the same tactics as Leftists in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or Venezuela.  That is, enlisting Leftist thugs who are loyal to Dear Leader instead of the Constitution.

Essentially, putting Antifa in uniform.

But the idea of a helicopter gunship being used against Freedom Eagle Dot Facebook is laughable at this moment because one of Freedom Eagle Dot Facebook’s buddies is the Rotary Wing Aircraft Maintenance Specialist and he just tossed a grenade into the cockpit of said gunship when he found out that a sortie was going to be flown against a Middle American suburb.

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By J. Kb

24 thoughts on “One more thing to think about on the Dimmer vs. Switch idea”
  1. The Soviet Union had a policy of using troops originally from as far away as possible from the problem area to limit any fraternization or sympathies.

    1. Even with that policy, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the Chechnyans, the Armenians and various ‘stans made life pretty miserable for the Ruskie conscripts.

      1. It was not necessarily Russkie conscripts. It might have being Kazakh, Tadjik, Armenian, Ukrainian or Chechen conscripts. There are people of many nationalities living in Russia. The word you were looking for was probably Rossiiskie (or citizens of Russia). Also, the terrain in Chechnya and Kandakhar reminds one strongly of the Graveyard of Empires.

        1. Yes, not as well versed in Russian language as I perhaps should be, sometimes I get too cute with my snark. I will also point out that much of the terrain of the the American west also resemble the “Graveyard of Empires.”

  2. Sadly, after seeing French police snipers blast the eyes out of Yellow Vests with rubber bullets I find it hard believe anymore… And even the best of people taken out of their environment for ‘training’ in an isolated setting can be brainwashed and propagandized pretty effectively, as history shows. Some will resist, but how many will just compliantly follow?

    1. France is not America, not by a long shot. But to answer your question, from the people I’ve talked to, the defection rate would be at least 50%.

  3. I’ll worry about government rolling tanks thru my neighborhood after they fix the bridge into town that they down rated to 5 tons max.

    1. They will say: “Rules don’t apply to us!” and send tanks over the bridge.
      The following drowning of the crews will then be called an act of sabotage 😀

  4. I want to believe that, but I don’t. Why? Because New Jersey has no problem finding police officers to enforce it’s magazine ban. New York has no problem finding officers willing to arrest people for having “gravity knives” that clearly aren’t. Maryland doesn’t seem to be having any problems finding officers that will raid houses to enforce their new “red flag” law.

    And in none of those situations are civilians rising up in resistance

    1. “And in none of those situations are civilians rising up in resistance”

      The issue here is not enforcement, it is how the enforcement will have to be carried out.

      There is a big difference between a cop high on his own sense of authority turning a speeding ticket into a magazine possession felony, and the police being told to do door to door sweeps and confiscation. Look at the compliance rate for registration and/or surrender of the offending weapons/parts in CT and NY. If they got 15% compliance they are doing good. I personally know of some NYPD officers that are acquiring the illegal magazines and giving them to their shooting buddies. How many traffic cops would arrest you if they found out you had an evil AR-15 in your trunk? 10%? 20% of them?

      The threat to use the military to confiscate firearms is very different than “If we catch you with one, it will be bad for you.”

  5. First of all, Larry Corriea is a fantastic writer. No, none of his stuff is going to go down in history as a classic, but everything I have read of his is extremely enjoyable. I strongly recommend Son of the Black Sword and its sequel.

    Secondly, his point is 100% accurate. Please head over to Monster Hunter Nation and read his full post. The folks on the left just do not get it.

    j.kb’s point is equally accurate. If order to fire on US civilians against their oath, will they? Sure, some might, but where does the average combat trained troop come from? Generally not NYC where guns are icky and only losers want them. No, they come from exactly the types of places that would be targeted in a gun confiscation scheme.

    The left side of the political aisle tend to look to a higher authority for permission. They think that if the President orders the military to do something, they will automatically obey without question. They do not understand that folks will refuse to follow orders.

    The leftist lives in a la-la land where the world “should” be a certain way.

    That is why they keep saying that gun control laws will make the world safer. They actually believe that everyone will comply with some words on a piece of paper without question. The ridiculous notion that a criminal intent to commit a murder might submit to a background check because it is the law is a clear demonstration of that belief.

    And, that is why the abhor the NRA so much as well. They cannot fathom that the NRA does not get their marching orders from the CEO/VP, that the organization is the other way around, and the CEO gets their orders from the members. Bloomberg says he wants to see a protest somewhere, and his various groups make it happen. No matter what the cost. If the NRA said make a protest somewhere, the members would show up, in force, voluntarily, and willingly pay the expenses. Oh, and they would clean up after themselves afterward.

  6. Here’s another factor- even if you had 100% compliance with those orders, the US Military is no where close to big enough to police the whole USA.
    Hell, they’d be hard pressed to bring martial law to one of the mid sized flyover states.
    Even the Chicoms don’t have enough men or material to do the job.

    The USA is damned big, like “invading Russia in winter” big- bigger, actually. Which means you have a long, long, long and very vulnerable logistics chain (think man parts in hydraulic press vulnerable) that a few dudes with AR-15s could easily hurt.
    And then there’s the fact that Americans really don’t do the Good German thing all that well- even the most virulent of SJWs. Good Germans will always go along with the government in power, even if it is not their guy in power. By teaching the idea of “question authority”, the Left sabotages itself.

  7. Here’s the thing, if you pay attention, you’ll see government pushing for more POC’s among its armed forces/police. And at the same time, said government supports hate on whitey policies, where every little thing is ‘white supremacy’ (growing cauliflower is now on that list), and fear mongering about nazi boogymen are hiding around every corner ready to lynch blacks/browns. So yeah, when you have a heeled up force of consisting of POC, brainwashed with hysterics white supremacy, it will be very easy for them to raid homes, and if somebody gets killed, oh well.

    1. It won’t work, because the other people of color see them as traitors and sellouts.
      It won’t work, because the Leftist Democrat politicians see even black cops as dangerous thugs and killers- and are very, very vocal that they would rather see a cop die than any thug.
      It won’t work because cops tend to trust other cops more than the population at large.

      1. Here’s the thing, these POC who will be going into white neighborhoods will get cheered, by other POC as well as the white lefties who are filled with rage level guilt.

  8. As a former soldier living near a major Army post, I know more than a few current and former soldiers. All the way from the “lowest common denominator” to elite super troopers. While there are always a very small minority who would follow orders, most would definitely NOT follow illegal orders. And any pogue officers who made the mistake of issuing such orders, would quickly find that that would be the absolute last order they would give.

    Turn in personally owned weapons? Only way that is happening is if the soldier lives on post and has followed the SOP of storing them in the unit arms room. I always kept mine at a buddies house when I lived in the barracks. As for taking them from people that are mostly very much like my own family back home?? No F’ing way.

  9. I think they actually do understand what would happen which is why they want to use the nuclear option. Swalwell I think kind of knows something like this would happen so I think in his mind that nuclear holocausting 150 million people in red states would bypass the military.However they’re not that farsighted to understand the aftermath. But you’re dealing with people so insane and evil that they think literally nuclear bombing 200 million people to death is a good thing because they have different opinions or have white skin, are Jewish, own guns, etc.

    1. I sort of agree with you there Shawn. They “know” what is going to happen, but their mindset of “This is the way the world should be.” overrides the rational mind’s acknowledgement of the law of unforeseen consequences. Thus, they do not expect, or plan for, any kind of resistance.

      1. If they were any good at planning, they would be making a serious effort to win the hearts and minds of law enforcement and the military.
        That would mean siding with them (even when in the wrong) when accusations come up, instead of throwing them under the bus. Giving them lots and lots of actual benefits instead of cutting them off in favor of vote buying schemes.
        And definitely not subjecting them to the horrific, should be banned by the Hague Convention torture of Politically Correct Sensitivity Training.

        1. No. They have a similar mindset of as the communists after there revolution in Russia. As in they will be a bloody Civil War which they 100% believe will be victorious, then use The Gulag Archipelago more as an instruction manual then a cautionary tale. Meeting they inprison and kill, mostly kill every single solitary person against the government or does not agree with the government anyway shape or form. Especially purging the police and military. And that includes families neighbors and work associates. I brought it up before but these people would probably think it’s a good idea to round up the children of all political dissidents and gas them. Just like that scene out of Schindler‘s list. After all they hate Jewish people, and most of them are white. Two for the price of one. These idiots have no idea what It’s like living in a dictatorship and we can only imagine.But whatever weird caricature they have it in their minds they seem hellbent on bringing it here. Damn the consequences.

          1. Mindset & expectation is one thing.
            Actually having a whole lot of dudes with guns that know how to actually use them is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

            People speculate and fantasize all the time, but actually doing something is much harder than it looks. Revolution requires actual hardship, risk to self, courage, more hardship, a willingness to suffer, and desperation. Which is why you usually need people starving before one breaks out, and that’s not always a given.

            Don’t forget that the Russian Revolution was mainly fought by Russian soldiers who had actual WWI combat experience. Most revolutions are won by the side actually able to win over the existing military.

            If the Left continues to insult and alienate the official people with guns, they will also continue to be a just a Che LARP group.

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