This is our rule for commenting. For the most part our readers have followed this rule very well. There are very few times when we’ve had to remove a comment or worse still, ban a commenter.

Shortly we are going to a membership model. Commenting is a membership feature.

If you are a member, you will be able to comment. The “Don’t be a dick rule” will still be in effect.

So there are somethings that are obviously dick moves:

  • Doxing somebody.
  • Threatening somebody
  • Verbally attacking somebody
  • Implicitly or explicitly suggesting that we, as a group, will act in violence

For those that don’t know, doxing is the act of giving out contact information on somebody. This does not mean public contact points for politicians or other public people. I.e. it is ok to give the phone number for the Senate office of a Senator. It is not ok to give the private cell number or home number of that same Senator. Don’t be a dick.

It doesn’t matter if you hate that person, don’t make threats. Even jokingly. “I’m going to X such and such” is a dick move. It doesn’t really matter what “X” is. Don’t make threats.

We don’t all march to the same drummer. That is one of the wonderful things about this community. That means that we have disagreements. When we are disagreeing it is ok to attack an opinion, it is not ok to attack the person. “If you think that water is wet you are an idiot” is a dick move. Don’t do it.

If the only way you can counter an argument is by calling the person making the argument names, you’ve lost the argument. Stop now, don’t be a dick.

Implicitly or explicitly suggesting that we, as a group will act in violence is making a statement that can be read as a threat. “Well she’s going to be room temperature soon.”, “They better make sure their fire insurance is up-to-date”. The first isn’t a direct threat, it is a statement that somebody is going to kill her. The second isn’t a direct threat, it is a statement that somebody is going to burn something down.” Implying that we, as a group, are going to react to somebody’s past action is a dick move. Don’t do it.

The quote is: If we were as violent as the left thinks we are, there wouldn’t be any left.

When somebody within our community, or somebody posing as being within our community makes threats of violence it just looks bad. Don’t be a dick. Don’t do it.

These are examples. They are not a list of “don’t do this.” There is only one rule “Don’t be a dick”. We are not going to play wack-a-mole with somebody playing rules games. We don’t promise a warning. If someone violates the rule, admin will do what they feel is appropriate.

This post is a direct result of one commenter implicitly suggesting that we, as a group, were going to commit arson and murder. They were given warning for the first. This serves as their second warning. They will be banned if they violate the commenting rule again.

-Signed: GFZ Admins

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By awa

10 thoughts on “Only one rule: Don’t be a dick.”
    1. We announced it a couple of weeks ago. Miguel is stepping away from the blog a bit. Which is why so many post from me. Learning the business as it was.

      We are going to have four membership levels. Two will be available on roll out.

      Tier one, $12/year, .22 plinker Can comment on any post they can read.
      Tier two, $25/year, .45ACP/9mm pistoleer, read restricted content.
      Tier three, $50/year, 300 blackout sniper, can mark any comment for moderation.
      Tier four, $60/year, 5.56 shooter, can contribute articles.

      Tiers one and two will be available on rollout. Tiers three and four will be along shortly.

      Some posts will be marked for members only. Some posts will have sections that are for members only. Admin is still getting a handle on what will be members only. It is hard as we would prefer it all to be free.

      1. Just to clarify, is the 5.56 level a “can contribute” or “must contribute?” 😉
        Presumably there’s no guarantee that a contribution will be published? I’m certainly fine with that if so, but you may wish to make that explicit for expectations management purposes.

        1. We’ll be doing a more complete post later. Good catch. A contributor can do just that, contribute articles. Admin can then approve that article. The rule(s?) will most likely be simple and in line with “Don’t be a dick”.

          We will continue to take tips from readers and decide if that tip deserves an article.

          This will be a way for you to write a complete article, in your own words, with your own slant, your own biases, and your own misspellings (I know my speeling is bad). It is a way for the blog to get more content which makes the blog a better place for everybody.

    1. I do not believe that we will be reporting a break down of funds received vs operating costs. I know that if we get enough coming in that I expect to invest some of it in subscriptions to places like the Washington Post and the New York Times and National Review. The entities often have articles of interest to our community but being behind a paywall I’ve not been willing to pay to read their articles.

      1. @awa

        Thanks for the response. Mostly if writers are compensated, I’m just wanting Miguel to receive a royalty as well in consideration of years of hard work. That’s my funding concerns.

  1. “Don’t be a dick” is the left’s rule. Being a dick is always in the eye of the beholder and there’s always someone who can find reasons to point out what a jerk you are. The rule shifts with the temporary political purposes of those manipulating it. This happens every single time this rule gets promulgated, without exception.

    “Don’t post illegal material” is a much more reliable rule.

    Your choice, really. The road to hell always is.

Only one rule: Don't be a dick.

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