“Go ahead and test that you can sit in the front of the bus. You will screw over every other black who just wants to be left alone.”

You have the deluded fantasy that OCIs are the new Rosa Parks.

They ain’t.

Somebody already won the fight to sit up front. OCIs are just the latecomers who are enjoying the results by taking a dump in the bus seat and calling it “Mu Rights!”

Clear now for you?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Open Carry Stupids are not the New Rosa Parks.”
  1. Its actually not clear, because I think you missed the point. I’m not talking about OCI’s of course, but you conflate them and OCN’s all the time.

    If somebody already won the fight to sit up front, why are we being forced to the back?

    People are decrying “MUH RIGHTS” mean they don’t want rights, just what our betters think we should have.

  2. To repeat using small words:

    The right already earned was to sit on the bus at all.

    We’ve no right to sit up front and must surrender our seat to anyone who’s feelings are hurt that we’re there at all.

    You don’t understand the analogy because you LIKE that open carry is banned by law and are happy and content with the status quo.

    If that’s not true, you’re going to have to start explaining it better.

    1. “We’ve no right to sit up front and must surrender our seat to anyone who’s feelings are hurt that we’re there at all.
      You don’t understand the analogy because you LIKE that open carry is banned by law and are happy and content with the status quo.”

      I don’t know if you are being obtuse for a reason, but here it goes. Open Carry Idiots are not the Rosa Parks of Gun Rights. They are the ones screwing up the very hard labor that many did to get Open Carry laws passed. They are fucking leeches without respect for others and you as a Floridian should be even more pissed because their stupidity makes harder every year to get our OC laws even on the floor.

      My guess is that people believe that there is an unlimited pool of political goodwill and horse-trading available and shit does not get done because there is a conspiracy. Bad news: We have VERY limited resources with limited political brownie points to be used with legislators that cannot concentrate 24-7 just in Gun Rights in our state nor were elected to do so.
      Our time frame of influence is small and faces the competition of a strongly financed and professionally backed opposition. And you know what it is tiresome? You are trying to build the image of our armed citizenship being good folks, people that are attuned with the community and yes (the horror) and their feelings, only to have an asshole in another state right after a mass killing in a Walmart thinking it would be a great idea to go full Tacti Dumbass with an AR15 strapped and visit another Walmart because “audit” and “Muh Rights!”.

      I simply got tired of shutting my mouth and let the out-of-control monkeys shit all over the house because they call themselves Gun Owners and we are supposed to be part of a Big Tent. And here is the thing: Much to my amazement, I was not only not alone in the sentiment, but the amount of Gun Owners that feel the same should give OCIs pause because even Open Carry regulars are sick and tired of their shit and are worried about the Democrats introducing bills to curb or kill Open Carry in the States that already have it.

      We must be pragmatic and that begins by not having to come up with excuses for idiots that have done nothing for the cause and are only misspending the benefits others fought for. I don’t care if the deciding vote in our favor on a Pro Gun Bill is because the legislator actually believes in the Second Amendment or because somebody has something on him: I just want the bill passed. Pragmatism also includes not to make the labor of the people on our side harder by behaving like goons and bullies.
      We cannot afford to be benign to idiots anymore.
      And if my ideas insult your concept of Constitutional purity, your problem, not mine.

  3. Want to bring a long gun out in public? Open carry an AR-15?

    You are not patrolling Freaking Fallujah Iraq. Don’t act like it. Only crazy people think America is that dangerous. And normal people will think you are that stupid and crazy dangerous.

    Case the firearm. You will have plenty of time to deploy it when that wild passel of rabid raccoons comes waddling out of the sewers. What other reason would you be carrying it around in America for?

    1. Not to defend the idiots who carry rifles when they have other choices (because I agree with you on that), but in TX (in particular) the law only allowed for rifles to be openly carried–pistols were a no-go. Different fight, different rules.

      I personally have no problem with open carry. But I do agree with Miguel that the ones who carry rifles and trespass and get in peoples faces just because they can are doing us (the gun owning community) no favors. They’re like the crazy cousin everyone knows is going to do something stupid, but dang if you know how to keep him from doing it in public.

      There are, in any group, the people who you wish would stay off your side, just because they cause unbelievable amounts of grief with their craziness or stupidity.

  4. The Society for Creative Anachronisms calls this “freaking the mundanes”. Someone will dress as their SCA character and proceed through the public festooned with armor, & cutlery while spouting some archaic language. SCA discourages such behavior as it upsets people and often ends with a stay in local hoosegow or padded roonm.

    Don’t go freaking the mundanes.

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