I came across this article posted on the Book of Face: “Let’s deport the white males.”

The premise is pretty much what you’d expect.  The mass shootings in Columbine, Aurora, Charleston, etc., were all done by white males.  They are worse than Islamic terrorists.  Let’s deport the white males and import Syrians.

Here’s my question, and I mean it honestly, directed to the Liberals on Facebook who posted this article with such glee.  Why do you hate so many of your fellow citizens so much?

The author justifies his statement by listing the following mass shootings: Columbine, Aurora Theatre, Sandy Hook, Tucson Massacre, Roseburg Massacre, Charleston, Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting, San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre, UT Austin Tower shooting.

I used Wikipedia to look up the body count for each one of these shootings and added them up.  I came to a grand total of 125 dead and 162 wounded.  These figures include the perpetrators of the shootings either as dead or wounded.  This list spans from August 1, 1966 with the UT Austin Tower shooting by Charles Whitman to October 1, 2015 wit the Umpqua Community College shooting.  That is 49 years and 2 months.

I’ll concede that the above list is not a comprehensive list of shootings by white people, and that 125 killed and 162 wounded is still a tragically high number.

But still.  I lived in Chicagoland (not in Chicago proper, but well inside in the Chicago-Joliet-Naperville MSA) in 2012.  I was there when the homicide rate in Chicago spiked to over 500.  I remember when the weekend shooting stats would come out Monday morning.  Memorial day weekend, 2012, grand total was 56 shot, 12 killed, 44 wounded.

I left Chicagoland in early 2015.  As of this posting, the total so far is 432 killed, 2,689 wounded.  About three-quarters of both the victims and the shooters in Chicago are black, and on average 90% male, and that most of the shootings occur in neighborhoods that are on average 94% black.

Given those numbers, we can reasonably conclude that black males have killed about 300 people and wounded some 1,800 people in Chicago in 2015 alone.


The author of the Salon piece used a much lower body count, stretched over half a century to justify an astounding level of bigotry and hatred towards white men.

It should go without saying that this article is equally viciously ugly and morally repugnant.  Even if it is intended as a joke, it is awful, and makes me wonder why is it that Liberal jokes are always mean spirited affairs about disposing of people they disagree with?

(Remember the “joke” video No Pressure about blowing up people – including children – who don’t believe in global warming)

For an ideology that claims to be about tolerance and acceptance, it really seems to be full hate a nastiness.

So one more time, I would like to pose this question, why do you hate so many of your fellow citizens on the bases of their race and gender, that you want to expel them from your country?

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Salon”
  1. Probably some damn hipster thinking he’s* being clever in a Jonathan Swift Modest Proposal sort of way. Supposedly, the piece is to make all those knuckle dragging neanderthals in flyover country come to sort of epiphany regarding the potential threats and stuff.
    But it’s the same old twisted moral equivalent virtue signaling they always put out.

    *I’m not clicking the link, but I’m getting a definite white male vibe off the post

  2. So, I take it the joker that wrote this piece is “Not” a “White Male??” Could be a “Black Male??” Or a “Black Female” or a “Neutered Life Form???” But not a “White Male” maybe a Democrat what ever it is. For sure not a “Republican” and By God You know it was not a “Confederate Flag wavin’, Bud Light drinkin’, REDNECK!!!!!!” Geeeez….enough already, I think it’s time for 3 fingers of Jack on ice!!!!!
    Got Gunz………OUTLAW!!!!!!!,

  3. Most Liberals I know are scared to death of a large Muslim population increase. They know that their values are not shared by them. However, I’m not opposed to some refugees coming in.. my experience is that most people don’t take their religion too seriously. Even the Muslims.

  4. Fine. Give me back my antibiotics, my polio vaccine, my European and Romance languages, my Internet and my television sets, and I’ll go.

  5. I believe I can answer the initial question “Why do (liberals) hate so many of (their) fellow citizens so much?”

    Because they are narcissists. They hate everyone. They especially hate, and exhibit enormous vindictiveness, toward anyone happier, freer, or receiving more attention and/or adulation than themselves. With reference to the specific issue of our right to keep and bear arms, my tagline below is illustrative.

    –Don Cline
    I have never met a pro-active gun-banner yet who didn’t harbor a secret desire to beat someone senseless with their fists and their feet, or perhaps with a baseball bat, for being … “difficult”. For not doing as they are told. For not agreeing with whatever nonsense they wish to blather. For not worshipping the ground they walk on. Gun-banners hate gun owners because gun owners don’t have to put up with their crap. It must be terribly frustrating, poor things.
    –Donald L. Cline

  6. Stuff like this is why it’s important to study even the parts of history that we are embarrassed by, the shameful events, the genocides, the purges, to embrace them, and to recognize that the men who committed them were still human.

    Adolf Hitler knew what he was doing when he singled out the Jewish population for ostracism. Jews were rich, they were powerful, and they were not well-liked. They were selected for the victim class because it was easy to turn the population against them, and their wealth could be confiscated to fund the Nazi war machine. The Jews of the early 20th century were the rich and whites and men of the early 21st century, and the violent hate and diatrabes against white men today are no different from Mein Kampf when it was written.

    Liberals like to compare their opponents to Nazis, but the truth is that in their teachings, their values, and their objectives, they are the Nazis, and Adolf Hitler would welcome them with open arms.

  7. They always fixate on mass shootings; never on day to day crime stats, sky high firearm ownership rates with declining criminal violence, and tons of DGUs which undermine their feeble arguments.

    I like to point out that most of these incidents were carried out by non-Christian, leftist/democrat d-bags, who either passed their background check or stole their firearm. So if you want to do a huge generalization, Democrats should be disarmed and deported if only mass shootings matter.

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