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10 thoughts on “O’Sullivan’s Law filling out the Army’s ranks”
  1. It’s easy for both sides to talk shit until they realize that the next American civil war will be much uglier than anything they can imagine. Do the people involved think that they will be able to restrict the war to only the combatants?

    What happens when the people like the guy in the video come home to find their house burned to the ground, and their family murdered while they were out beating up or shooting protesters?

    Our military has a great track record of winning battles but not winning wars- and that is when they are thousands of miles from home with secure supply lines, stretching from the battlefield, across the world all the way to the factory. Will factory workers go to work when threatened with death? Will truck drivers still deliver goods to the base? Will soldiers still eat at the mess hall when there is a possibility the food has been poisoned?

    Both sides need to back down before things go sideways.

    It doesn’t look like either side will give.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s past the point of no return. Has been for months. At least one side wants the other wiped out, and both sides think the other wants them wiped out. Indoctrination has broken down all nonviolent, diplomatic avenues, and this is only going to end when one side loses either the will or the means to kill members of the other side.

      And I’ve been saying for months, now. We can not let ourselves underestimate the left. Or we will lose.

  2. Agreed with Divemedic. Everyone gangsta till it’s time to do gangsta stuff

    Fella looks pretty spry and young for 21 year vet and how many of those years were spent sleeping in holes, humping a rifle, and getting shot at while destroying your knees, lower back, and hearing. Far be it from me to suggest otherwise, many people have an ageless look about them.

    Surely a side that is willing to whole sale attribute sins and transgressions upon a group of people would never have that opinion turned back on them. Especially not when they chomp at the bit to remind us how we have a family, job, home, dog, or really nice socks, and how those things could be taken away by them at any second.

    No one would ever act unsportingly after having that threat held over them by a complicit media, ruling class, and popular culture…..right….right?

    1. So many people think that a civil war in these times would be armies facing off across a battlefield and crawling through the woods on your spare time.

      No, a civil war means sneaking into a neighborhood near a factory that makes parts that enable attack fighters to fly, and then murdering the wives and children of the assembly line workers, so those workers are afraid to go to work.

      It means poisoning food and water supplies. Sabotaging utilities to hospitals. Destroying gas pipelines to major cities during a cold snap and freezing families to death.

      This isn’t going to be a boxing match following Marquess of Queensberry Rules. It will be a dirty street fight with hair pulling, whiskey bottles, and hair scratching. A no holds barred, down and dirty brawl where nothing is off limits or too savage.

      The side that decides to “play fair” will be eliminated by the side with the fewest limitations.

      While all of this is going on, the other nations of the world are not going to be sitting idly by and watching it all play out. This nation will never regain its status. It will never again look the same. We will likely be a balkanized shadow of what once was. A third world shit hole.

  3. He assumes all people out of the Army thinks the same as he does. “Trained to put a bullet between someone’s eye training”, where/who do they train? Army Qual is hitting a pop up target from 4 different positions and you only need to hit 23-29 out of 40 to qualify for the lowest badge (58% to 73%) with 2 higher badges available. I would be more worried about the yearly deer hunter, who sights in every year, then goes out at 0 dark thirty and sits quietly for hours to shoot something.

    1. I haven’t listened to the video, but the quote you mentioned suggests to me he isn’t military at all, but rather is just fantasizing about what military training looks like.
      Some of these anti-Constitutional maniacs may indeed be actual veterans (like the newly elected representative from the people’s republic of massachusetts) but I suspect others are merely frauds perpetrating “stolen valor”.

      1. You mean like the NFAC chair who said that a bolt slamming shut on an AR-15 was actually an open-chamber discharge?

    2. I’m a civilian. I had a friend who went through JROTC and while he didn’t talk about it, I can only assume he actually saw combat in Iraq.

      I have always been a better marksman than him by every metric. The only difference is that he’s actually killed people, and I hope I never do.

      1. JROTC is not training. It is a recruiting tool that spends all of its time working on uniforms and marching like idiots. They hand out promotions, ribbons, and medals for everything, but don’t do anything like learning how to fight.

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