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COUNTERINSURGENCY: Because it is always good to know what they know so we know and they don’t.

DISCLAIMER: The links provided in this post are for information purposes only. Information is power. However, if you choose to be an idiot with the information provided here, you are on your own lonesome and should take it like a man…or woman.

Something else coming out of this tragedy.

We are figuring out who the gun whore are:

Dick’s Sporting Goods has also suspended sales of certain semi-automatic weapons from all its stores across the country.


I never liked them much because they were arseholes anyway.

Also, last night Coloseum Software Corp posted in a freshly minted Facebook page that they will be holding a “No Firearms Sale Day” in January. Coloseum Software does the electronic versions of the bound book/E-4473 ATF form and Day of Or Trailers caught the thing as it was started. By the time I arrived at the FB page, several new anal orifices were being surgically implanted on them by and assorted range of people. I forgot to make a screen cap of the page and now it is gone.

Let’s see who else commits economical suicide.

UPDATE: The Second Amendment FB Page found a copy of the Coloseum Software pledge.


My proopsal for the Florida State Legislature.

I am not a lawyer or a legislator, but here is my idea:

As the events in Newtown this past week and the Secret Service Safe School Initiative report has proven since 2002, the concept of a Gun Free School zone to prevent the mass shootings of our kids has proven to be a colossal failure.

The State of Florida must end once and for all a practice that may invite criminals and mentally disturbed people to freely walk into our schools and commit unspeakable crimes. In order to do so, we need to allow teachers, other school personnel and parents the ability to defend the children against such attacks. And for that we need to allow them to use the most effective tools to stop any attack: Firearms.

In these tough economic times, we cannot impose taxes on the citizens of the State to provide for police protection for every school or pay for armed security. However the State of Florida is fortunate to have amongst its citizens close to one million individuals that have been proven themselves to be amongst the best law-abiding citizens in the country: Concealed Weapons Permit carriers.

Concealed Weapons Permit carriers have a record unmatched by any other group or even the common citizen: Only 0.3% of licenses have been removed because the person had committed a felony. These are people who have been through firearms safety training, background checks, photographed and fingerprinted to carry a personal sidearm.

-To remove the prohibition of carrying a weapon on any school grounds in the State to those who have a valid Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.
-To order local school boards that they are not allowed to ask a teacher or school personnel if they have Concealed Weapons Permit during class or such Concealed Weapons Permit cannot be used to terminate employment or serve as base for refusal to hire a teacher or any other school personnel.
– Non compliance with the above will result in a $10,000 penalty to the individual who terminates or refuses employment. Payment of the fine will not come out of any local, state or federal taxpayer-funded source.


To that we can add lawsuit protection for the school board against the very improbable and very few misdeeds a CWP holder may do.

Go ahead and add your 2 cents.

We will not descend this low.

Joshua is one of those acquaintances you make in the social media nowadays. Basically you connect with each other because of a common friend or interest. With Joshua was the defense of the Second Amendment. Smart young fella, former Marine and from what I can gather a gracious human being.

Friday, as sad as a day as it was, I saw a tweet on my feed and my heart just sank even deeper:

JoshuaYes, Joshua lives in the same community that was savaged by the atrocious against Sandy Hook Elementary school. What can anybody do or say from so many miles away? Just  prayer and wish he can withstand the pain I know he was sharing. Being the son of a Preacher visits the pains of many upon you, I am sure.

A while ago I saw these post Joshua again in my Twitter feed. This time it was my stomach that turned.

Joshua2I am not even gonna comment on this.

But it even got better when Joshua twitted about the people reactions on Obama’s speech as he politicized the sad event and how the media present where he was ignored the pain and disgust of those present. I asked him to post everything in one article and here it is in his own words.


Here’s something interesting 4 everyone out there: If u want 2 know how the people of Sandy Hook feel about our tragedy being politicized, this was the scene last night at the Iron Bridge, only a quarter mile from Sandy Hook Elementary, which is Sandy Hook’s ONLY bar…

Everyone that couldn’t get into the high school for the President’s speech gathered there to watch the speech & get drinks. At the end of the speech, 3-4 people (myself included) clapped. When he read the names off, and what he said about our village moved me to tears, and I’m not ashamed to say that I was grateful to my President for it, even if I’m not his biggest fan. That didn’t matter. HOWEVER… When we realized he was bringing up gun politics during the speech, things at the bar got REALLY REALLY UGLY…. People were yelling 4 the bar owner 2 “turn that shit off,” shaking their heads & exclaiming in disbelief their anger that he had gone there. It’s funny, because there were PLENTY of reporters and cameras there at the bar last night, and I even saw a picture of myself in a newspaper clapping & crying today.

But you know what… there was ZERO media mention in ANY news outlets about the Sandy Hook watering hole’s reaction to Obama going political in his speech!!! Not a SINGLE news outlet reported that the ENTIRE BAR in Sandy Hook was completely disgusted that he brought up gun politics last night!!!!! I’m personally going to stay out of gun politics for now. I proposed a solution a while back after Aurora that possibly could have prevented this massacre from happening, but it never did and probably won’t ever get enough attention or coverage to actually get brought to widespread public awareness. But this is too close to home. You won’t here me talking about gun politics for a long, long time. I’m just going to call out and embarrass those that would politicize the horrific tragedy in the tiny village I grew up in.


Remember, they have your best interests at heart.


CSGV: If you follow a gun law we don’t like, you are evading it.

As you can imagine, the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence has been so active propagating crap in Facebook that I really decided to ignore them. But this one was too good to pass up.

CSGV BUSHMASTERIf you go to the Bushmaster page, you will see that they offer their products in different configurations as for you to check your local laws (if you happen to live in states that have the “ickies” for the regular AR set up) and select the one that matches the criteria imposed by the state. But since CSGV hates Ugly Black Rifles, following the law is actually evading it in their little twisted minds.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, these are the people who are gonna keep us safe with their rational conversation about guns.

Secret Service’s Safe School Initiatives. A study on School Shootings.

THE FINAL REPORT AND FINDINGS OF THE SAFE SCHOOL INITIATIVE: This document is starting to make the rounds through the internets, but do not expect to see it mentioned in the news anytime soon.

The Safe School Initiative was implemented through the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center and the Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program. The Initiative drew from the Secret Service’s experience in studying and preventing assassination and other types of targeted violence and the Department of Education’s expertise in helping schools facilitate learning through the creation of safe environments for students, faculty, and staff.

It makes for a very interesting reading, specially when you hit page 37:

Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most attacks were stopped by means other than law enforcement intervention…. The fact that it was not through law enforcement intervention that most of the targeted school violence incidents studied were stopped appears in large part to be a function of how brief most of these incidents were in duration.

And if we take a quick jump to the findings we get:

Key Finding 10
Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most attacks were stopped by means other than law enforcement inter vention and most were brief in duration.

The short duration of most incidents of targeted school violence argues for the importance of developing preventive measures in addition to any emergency planning for a school or school district. The preventive measures should include protocols and procedures for responding to and managing threats and other behaviors of concern.

One can see politics rearing its unsightly rear end here. Key Findings 1 through 9 deal with the importance of proper vigilance and prevention which are very good and must be used because anything that reduces the chances of something from ever happening has to be encouraged. But when Finding 1 through 9 fail and the shooter is on the school grounds, you don’t go back and recheck what cue you missed on the shooter’s profile but go to direct action to stop the attacker. After all, the Secret Service Presidential detail do not carry file folders under their jackets, they carry guns to stop any assassin from taking the President’s life.

As the Secret Service painfully knows, it is impossible to catch all the crazies out there before they act. Sometimes your only option is to react forcefully and with deadly force.

PS: I did forget to mention, the report is from May 2002. It is up to you to do the math.

(Hat tip: I fount the link in my Facebook timeline this morning but failed to make a note of who posted it.  Now I can’t find the person and I have to my apologies for my oversight.)

Wanna play the Blame Game? Okeydokey.

“It was the NRA.” “It was them redneck, no-good gun owners.” etc, etc,etc. You guys had three days to spew your crap, now it is my turn.

In 1993, the Federal Law GunFree Schools Act of 1993 (HR.987 of the 103 Congress) was introduced by Rep. George Miller (still seated for CA) and stated that:

To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to require each State, as a condition of receiving Federal assistance under such Act, to implement a gun control program in its schools, and to establish a program of grants to local educational agencies for purposes of purchasing crime prevention equipment and training security personnel.

As with all things in Congress, the last part was promptly dissolved into nothingness as proven by the the actions or Mr. Lanza. And the law basically created a hunting preserve for the criminally insane when the states promptly followed suit and enacted their local versions of Gun Free Schools.
So the reason why your kids might be right now in a building which will provide no protections in case of a deranged killer is the “Honorable” George Miller.  But that is not all! The first Co-Sponsors of the bill were Elenor Norton (DC), Douglas Peterson (no longer representing Fl), Tony Hall (no longer representing OH) and Benjamin Cardin (MD).

The bill had a total of 19 co-sponsors and can be viewed here. I am sure some of the names will be highly familiar as part of the Gun Control brigade.

So now you know who was the “genius” and the co-sponsors behind “Hey dude, you wanna shoot up some kids. School is wide open!” law. It takes a United State congresscritter come up with a law that basically says in order to keep the chickens safe from the fox, we must remove the dog, send the farmer away and leave the gate to the hen-house open. Make sure you thank them for having children killed in schools for 28 18 glorious years.