Above a million! Weeeeee!

Found the site urldogg.com in my report and I saw what are reported to be my stats.

Gunfreezone.net is the 981,330th most visited site on the internet. The homepage of gunfreezone.net links out to 21 other websites. The website’s IP address is, and there is 1 other website hosted at the same IP address. Gunfreezone.net gets about 1,115 pageviews per day, and earns an estimated $3.35 daily. The server location of gunfreezone.net is Houston, TX, United States (US ).

Making boatloads of money apparently. I wanna know who’s been keeping my three bucks and change!

And I can see the rank of other bloggers in my links:

  • Strange that not all linked bloggers made it in the list. Don’t ask me why. It appears it won’t take Blogger URLs.

    “Will It Hurt Me in Court?”

    Will It Hurt Me in Court? Weapons Issues and the Fears of the Legally Armed Citizen by Glenn Meyer is a no-nonsense, must read article for anybody who takes self-defense seriously.

    We found the overall effect of gun type was significant. AR-15 shooters were given longer sentences. The most telling finding was that female mock jurors gave female AR-15 shooters the harshest sentences – a mean of approximately eight years as compared to a male average of five and a half years. In comparison, the lowest average recommended sentence was for a male shooting a Ruger Mini – about two and a half years.

    This is an amazing article and out of the top of my head I can say we need two things: 1) Increase the fight against the Media’s portrayal of the “assault Weapons” and 2) We need to get women more into rifle shooting.

    Hat Tip to Gail Pepin for the link.

    Ego Kills: Road Rage in Pompano Beach.

    According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office press release:

    ” Patrick Lavoie, 33, jumped out of the car to confront the driver of the Tacoma, Cleveland Anthony Murdock, 38. According to Lavoie’s girlfriend, who was driving the Honda, Lavoie felt that Murdock was driving too close to their vehicle. Witnesses say Lavoie was arguing with Murdock, tried to open the door of the Tacoma and was seen reaching in through the driver’s side window as he fought with Murdock. Fearing for his safety, Murdock took out his weapon and shot Lavoie.
    Murdock was interviewed by detectives and later released. BSO Homicide investigators will present the case to the State Attorney’s Office for their review.

    Even though Mr. Murdock has already been tried & convicted by the local media, the fact that he was released by BSO investigators gives us an idea that the shooting was somewhat “good.”

    Ego and guns do not mix. If you carry concealed, you should know by now that you must give up any perceived right to indignation of any kind in your daily life. But there is little we can do bout everybody else ego but try and avoid it which is not easy. Every day we go out, we pay our monies we play our chances and sometimes it comes back snake eyes.

    “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” artist into hiding.

    The stalwart members of the “religion of peace” have declared fatwa on Molly Norris who created the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. It was such a popular thing thatit seems several idjits got their turbans twisted in a wad and now they want to help Ms Norris meet her maker.

    So I have several things to say about this:

    Number One:

    Number Two: If you are Anwar al-Awlaki or one of his followers, find the above demotivator insulting and want to do something about it, contact me via email for the date and locations where I can be found. Please do tell me if having your remains eaten by gators is considered unclean or repulsive.

    Number Three: KMA.

    Pagans better pray.

    It seems that the Pagans biker gang wanted to do some damage to their eternal rivals, the Hell’s Angels. ATF agents did their thing and stopped the conspiracy which included an explosive device packed with nails and (gasp) 34 guns! A stockpile!

    The photo made me think a couple of thoughts: 1) Harsh economic times must be hitting everybody, biker gangs included. Not very sexy weapons. 2) No wonder you don’t see many bikers at public ranges, any half assed action shooting club will outgun the hell out of these guys.

    Shooter Ready?

    Stand By!


    500th Post.

    My 500th post should be something deep and insightful. Something that would shake people to the core or bring them to tears.

    But that would mean I am some great writer that actually has something important to say and that people would actually care.

    So, this is as far as it gets for today.

    I really need a vacation and some trigger time.

    Mazel Tov!