Again on Instructors.

First let me say that if you served in the Military my undying thanks.  But we must address the fact that your experiences in the Sandbox did not prepare you one bit to train civilians in Defensive Shooting.  We have come a long way from the times where a NRA basic Pistol class was enough for anybody to go packing in the real world. Now good instructors will cover not only the operation of a firearm but the mindset that goes along in both engaging a bad guy or avoiding engagement with a bad guy. And let us not forget what comes afterward.

If you still feel that I am wrong, please allow me the following mental exercise:

You are back in the Sandbox. You are told by your superior that you must go to a market in Location X, look around, obtain certain items and return back to base. Intel says Location X is pacified, but you know better and have learned to expect the unexpected. You estimate a minimum of 30 minutes to complete the tasks at the market plus 15 minutes or so for the total trip.


  1. You are going alone.
  2. You will only carry your issued Beretta M9 sidearm. You may carry 3 or more fully loaded magazines.
  3. The sidearm will be kept covered under your uniform coat. At no time it should be visible unless you need the sidearm for self defense.
  4. No grenades of any type or any explosive device.
  5. No radios. You are allowed to carry your personal cellphone.
  6. No tasked emergency support for your trip. If you should find yourself in trouble, you will be assigned help depending on availability and type of emergency. No air support will be available.
  7. You will drive in an unarmored civilian vehicle to your destination and back.
  8. At your destination, you will move around the crowd normally. No aggressive postures or tactics.
  9. You may not initiate any defensive usage with your sidearm unless you have a clearly defined enemy presenting an immediate danger to you. Immediate Danger is defined if the enemy is armed and attacking or poised to attack you within a reasonable distance.
  10. If you successfully engaged the Enemy, you must call the provided emergency number and request that civilian authorities and civilian medics come to the location.  Do not leave the area.
  11. Upon arrival, the Civilian Authorities will confiscate your weapon and detain you for further investigation. You may have your rights read and you may solicit an attorney.
  12. Press corps may arrive in full force. They will demand an interview with you. You may decline. They will likely portray you as a vigilante or a murderer now and issue no correction later.
  13. After preliminary on-site investigation is done, Civilian Authorities may either take you to their precinct for further interrogation or release you on your own recognizance. If so, return to base ASAP since now you are unarmed.
  14. Upon arrival on base, you will now wait for the authorities to determine if the engagement was justified; it may take up to a year. If the engagement is determined not to be justified, you may not expect us to provide you with a lawyer or any type of support. You are on your own.

No member of the Armed Forces in his/her right mind would take on a mission under those parameter. Yet that is what civilians endure every day they carry a concealed weapon. And yes, you can teach how to pull the trigger, but that is the easy part. The rest of the dance is the bitch that will break you down.

Tolerance Spam.

I just got this email:


My Fellow American is a film project in the United States devoted to
recognizing that Muslims are our neighbors. I am reaching out to you
because you addressed the recent events in Oslo, Norway, on Gun Free Zone
and I am hoping you will share this message of tolerance with your
readers. We’ve put together a 2 minute film that I believe you will be
interested in sharing, watching, and discussing:

I would love it if you could post or tweet about this and share the video.
If you can, please let me know. I am here if you have any questions. Thank
you so much.


Elizabeth Potter
Unity Productions Foundation

Dear Elizabeth:

As an American I do feel that all of those who really believe in this country, must stand up and say so. Unfortunately the Muslim community of the US has chosen to remain silent and subdued to the brethren that have no qualms in killing or slaving anybody who does not submit to Islam.
I am also an American of Spanish extraction. My ancestors from Northwest Spain fought against seven centuries (that would be seven hundred years) of Muslim Imperialism & slavery until they were expelled from the Peninsula. On 2 January 1492, Abu ‘abd-Allah Muhammad XII (or Boabdil as we call him in Spanish) was finally kicked out of Granada and Spain and the Spaniards regained their Independence. It was only then that a sailor got a chance to address the King and Queen of Spain, secure their good deeds and monies and embark on a revolutionary trip that ended on October 12, 1492 discovering the lands this side of the Atlantic: America.

Fast forward 300 years and the descendants of the same Muslims that occupied Spain are now entrenched in Northern Africa and constantly engaging and hijacking U.S. Ships, kidnapping its crews, demanding tribute (that’s protection money) and frankly behaving like terrorists. It wasn’t until basically two wars and bombarding the living daylights out of them that they finally relented and left us alone… for a while. It should be noted that we did take the higher road a couple of times, did the diplomatic thing and signed treaties that were violated by the Pashas, Beys and Deys before the ink was dry.

Fast forward another 200 years and all of the sudden our country is under attack by Muslim terrorists once again. You know, enough is enough and if the lesson needs to be re-taught, we are happy to oblige.

I see little advancement in the Muslim behavior from back then (a bit over 5 hundred years) and now. The ball was firmly placed on their side of the court on 9/11 and they still refuse to step up and do the right thing.

So, I don’t trust them and I do not buy for one millisecond this “victim” dog and pony show they are putting on. Still, I am granting your request and placing the information in this post.