Brady Mental Gymnastics or the art of contradicting oneself.

From the Brady Facebook Page.

I tried to follow the logic of the thread, but you really cannot follow what is not there. There are two basic premises: Crime has gone down but gun sales are up and both related to exaggerated news reporting. But if the guns sales have gone up and crime has gone down, wouldn’t the ridding principle of Brady et Al that More Guns equals More Crime is false?  Not in this issue of Brady Mental Gymnastics!


CSGV: The Natives are restless and Anti Cop.

From the Facebook page of the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence

Now this is interesting. Just last week CSGV alongside MAIG & Brady were decrying H.R.822 because, among other things it would place police officers everywhere in imminent danger. An Anti-LEO comment like that should have been deleted in the best CSGV tradition. Yet what we see is that Ladd (or his approved flunky) actually tries to expand the discussion.

So after all, they are not as Prop Cops as they tried to portray themselves. Just good liars.

Shit My Students Write: You’ll laugh while shedding tears.

Shit My Students Write is a blog dedicated to share seriously stupid examples of … I really don’t know what to call it. Stuff like:

Dollree Mapp’s house was entered illegally by law enforcement officials without a labial search warrant.


The Octopus of Apathy is spreading its testicles throughout the land.

Done laughing? Now remember that these are the people that are supposed to take care of our country when we are ready to retire.

Gun Safety Rules South Florida Style. (Graphic Content Warning)

When I remember and have the chance, I tell New Shooters of our Club’s Gun Safety Rules As Told By The Safety Officer:

1) Don’t shoot me.
2) Don’t shoot anybody else.
3) Don’t shoot yourself.
Make sure you follow Rules #1 and #2 religiously. If you don’t, people will shoot you back.

The New shooters usually laugh till they realize I am looking at them with a stern face and then they get very quiet. Of course we are not gonna shoot them, but leaving the doubt in their minds makes for a very safe shooting environment.

Harsh you say? Beats being shot accidentally.

It says a lot.

Sign in a Venezuelan store:”Closed due to lack of safety. Father and Son shot.

Hugo Chavez’s paradise is mentioned in the Global Burden of Armed Violence as the fourth most violent country in the world. It is also mentioned as the only country that fulfill all the requirements they recommend to reduce gun violence. These are requirements that would make Schummer, Feinstein, Brady, Ladd and the rest leap for joy and announce to the world that social peace was now at hand. But somehow the total contradiction is lost in them.

Civilians are pretty much screwed in Venezuela. Police is heavily corrupt and useless and that is when they are not themselves participating in crimes. Forget about trying to get a gun for self defense unless you are part of “The Project” (euphemism for The Chavez Revolution) or grease enough skids to obtain your permit and gun. And be ready to shell some more (lots) of dough if you actually have to defend yourself since it might be illegal to do so.

Of course, criminals have no problem obtaining guns. Hell, they even get all artistically creative with their guns and ammo when they are in love!

Cell phone pic from a Gang leader. Translation: I Love You.